Varese Ligure,the eco-friendly oasis of beauty &…goats!

Today I would like to show you that Liguria is not only Riviera but also a fantastic, authentic and undiscovered hinterland. I start from Varese Ligure, a small town that is located in the province of La Spezia. How to reach Varese Ligure? – by car – the way of transport I recommend because the […]

Sanremo, the capital of the Italian song!

Sanremo is a town of the western Liguria. It was founded by the ancient Romans and now is known as a tourist destination of the Italian Riviera. In XIX century became a holiday destination of European crowned heads and then in ’50 of XX century started to host the Sanremo Music Festival. How to reach Sanremo? – […]

Accommodations in Liguria: hotel vs holiday home!

You decided that you pass your holidays in Liguria? Well! Now arrives another question: Where I will sleep? Let’s admit it is a quite important question 😉 In this post, I’ll help you choose one 😉  Especially because now is the right period to start booking an accommodation! Let’s start! Popularity Holiday homes are rife […]