Zuccarello, the link between Liguria and Tuscany!

Zuccarello is a small, picturesque hamlet located in the hinterland of West Liguria. Today it is not important anymore but in the past, it was a very powerful marquisate that had connections even with the Republic of Lucca in Tuscany. But let’s start from the very beginning. How to reach Zuccarello?HistoryThe things to see & […]

Scalinata Borghese, a bit of South America in Genoa ;)

This is a very brand new “must-see” when you are in Genoa! Even if it is not very new … actually it is quite old and has a very interesting history. It’s called Scalinata Borghese. LocationHistoryNameGenoa – South AmericaNowadays Location Scalinata is located at Piazza Tommaseo, at the beginning of Albaro district, East Genoa, not […]