Sasso del sego, the witness of Cinque Terre’s past ;)

Cinque Terre are famous for their beautiful views and crystal clear water. Now they are overpopulated and super touristic places. However, in the past they were simple, isolated, fishermen villages. And the thing is that probably only a careful tourist will notice certain elements that remained from the ancient past of Cinque Terre. In fact, […]

Lerici, a town that inspired Byron,Wolf & Shelley!

Lerici is a small, fishermen hamlet located in eastern Liguria. It is less touristic than close, famous Cinque Terre offers beautiful, sandy beaches and great, turquoise sea. In the past was the favourite place of many, famous writers! Let’s know it better! How to reach Lerici?HistoryThings to see & doCastello di LerciOratorio di San RoccoBeachCastello […]