10 things you should know about the Ligurian motorways!

Today I would like to write a little bit more about the Ligurian motorways. For sure they are the fastest way to move from one place to another… but let’s know something more about them.

Have you paid a tool?


The official website?

The Ligurian motorways are managed by Autostrade per l’Italia Spa. All detailed information about the costs and the routs you can find here.

How many motorways pass through Liguria?

In Liguria are 6 motorways:

A10 – Ventimiglia – Genoa (from west end of the region to its capital)

A6 – Turin – Savona (from Piedmont to the western seaside of Liguria)

A26 – Alessandria – Genoa Voltri (from Piedmont to the central seaside of Liguria)

A7 – Milan – Genoa (from Lombardia to the central seaside of Liguria)

A12 – Genoa – Livorno (from the central Liguria to Tuscany)

A15 – Parma – La Spezia (from Emilia-Romagna to the eastern seaside of Liguria)

Motorway signs?

All the motorway’s signs are the GREEN signs. The blue one indicates the traditional roads.

Speed limit?

Unless otherwise specified the highway speed limit is 130 km/h.

What is Tutor?

It is a speed monitoring system that monitors average vehicle speed on the motorway. The speed is measured by special speed cameras. The presence of fixed speed camera is indicated by warning signs and by a special sign located above the speed cameras. They really work … so it is better to drive prudently during your trip in Liguria 😉

What is Telepass?

This is a free-flow system allows tolls to be paid without any need to channel traffic and, above all, without any need to stop the vehicle. To use it you have to be inscribed on the Telepass program. You will see the toll booths with the name of Telepass that are reserved to the inscribed on Telepass system. Remember, don’t try to enter the motorway there, because a bar won’t raise and you will have to go in reverse.

Traffic jam?

In Liguria are some places where the traffic jam and the queues are more often. E.g. junction A12 and A7 direction Milan or junction A6 and A10 direction Turin. During the weekends also A10 and A12 are very congested. All this traffic is caused by the tourists that go to the seaside.

How to get Genoa with a motorway?

Genoa has 7 motorway exits:

Genova Nervi

Genova Est

Genova Ovest

Genova Aeroporto

Genova Pegli

Genova Voltri

Genova Bolzaneto

Who wants to visit the city centre should take the Genova Est motorway exit.

Is it possible to admire the Ligurian panorama from the motorway?

The Ligurian motorways lead through the mountains. That’s why there are many tunnels that impede to see the landscapes. If you would like to admire the Ligurian views you should choose the traditional roads.

Buon viaggio!

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