Accommodations – Eastern Liguria :)

Do you know some nice places where to sleep in Liguria? This is the question that 90% of my readers ask me. That’s why I thought it would be nice to put together all the places that I know and all the places that I heard they are very nice to stay in. Today eastern Liguria! I hope it will be useful and you will find something special for you!


La Mansarda sul Mare

A holiday house, situated in the centre of the lovely hamlet of Bogliasco. It can hosts up to 4 persons and offers a stunning view of the Ligurian Sea from a fantastic terrace. The house is situated on the last floor and doesn’t have a lift, so you have to be prepared for climbing 😉 However, the view from the flat really worth the effort 😉 More about La Mansarda sul Mare here.

Agriturismo Le Pale

It is an agritourism that is situated on a hill, very close to the sea and the centre of Bogliasco. Here you can use a private gym, jacuzzi and open-air swimming pool. The rooms offer a stunning view on the sea and on the hamlet. To arrive at the agritourism you have to climb a little bit but the rest is fantastic.  More about Agriturismo Le Pale here.



Al Piccolo Scoglio – Room & Breakfast

It is a romantic, fisherman house with a stunning view. The B&B is located on a precipitous cliff, directly above the sea level. Here you fall asleep while listening to the waves … incredible experience. The hosts are very kind and they offer a rich breakfast with typical, Ligurian ingredients. More about Al Piccolo Scoglio here.

House Camogli Casa Vacanze

A holiday house that can hosts up to 5 persons. It is located in the upper part of Camogli in one of the high, tenement houses of the town. The flat is clean and has a fantastic, sea view. The only disadvantage is that it has no elevator … and it is located on the fourth floor … but the view is worth the effort 😉 More about House Camogli Casa Vacanza here.

La Camogliese

It is a 2* hotel, located in the town centre, very close to the sea promenade, railway station and restaurants. The hotel is not for the fussy tourists because it is very essential. However, it is very clean and with a nice breakfast and very helpful staff. More about La Camogliese here.

Appartamento Sofia

If you travel in a big group and you are wondering if it is possible to find something for you in Camogli, here is the answer 🙂 This is a large flat that can hosts up to 10 persons! It is simple, quite modern and very clean. Also, the price can be very interesting … especially because the accommodations in Camogli are generally quite expensive. More about Appartamento Sofia here.

House in Punta Chiappa

I think it is a fairytale place. I love Punta Chiappa and this holiday house is one of the most magical and most beautiful I have ever seen 🙂 This is a perfect place to relax and rest from the crowds and noisy tourists. The house has a spectacular view of the Ligurian Sea has its own garden and barbeque and it is furnished in a wonderful way! The only disadvantage, to arrive here you have to climb a little bit … cause the house is located next to the trail that leads to Punta Chiappa … however, thanks to this the place is really amazing! More about House in Punta Chiappa here.


portofino liguria holiday

Eight Hotel Paraggi

It is a 5* hotel on the way to Portofino, located in a magnificent village of Paraggi. For me, it is the most magical place in the whole Liguria. Very chic but calm, surrounded by the sea and the forest of the National Park of Portofino. The hotel has a fantastic view of the bay of Paraggi it has a private beach and private balconies. It is located next to Carillon disco-club the most fashionable club of the whole Liguria so if you like to have some fun during the night, this is the place to stay. More info about Eight Hotel Paraggi here.

Gioiellino di Portofino Parc Bed & Breakfast

A small B&B in the heart of National Park of Portofino. The place seems to come from a dream … the views and the room are really amazing. Its a 20-25 minute walk from the harbour of Portofino, but if you don’t fancy the walk there is a shuttle service available. The perfect place for those who want to rest from crowds and noise. More about Gioiellino di Portofino Parc B&B here.

Belmond Hotel Splendido

It is probably the most luxurious and the most famous hotel in Liguria. 5* hotel that is used by almost all VIP’s that visit Portofino. If you feel like a VIP for sure you should stay there;) More info about Belmondo Hotel Splendido here.

Santa Margherita Ligure

viale andrea doria

Plan Sea B&B

A charming B&B located in the centre of the town and 2 min walk from the beach. The rooms are clean and spacious. The breakfast is various and includes sweet and salty. The hosts are extremally welcoming and make you feel really great in their B&B. More about Plan Sea B&B here. 

Hotel Blu di Te

I think that is the best-furnitured hotel in Santa Margherita Ligure (and for me, the most beautiful in whole eastern Liguria). The staff is super kind and helpful. The breakfast is extremally rich and delicious. Definitely, the place to be. It is located in a very tranquil zone but at the same time very close to the town centre and the sea. More about Hotel Blu di Te here.

Appartamenti un Mondo per Te

Holiday houses located very close to the beach os Santa Margherita Ligure. They were recently restructured, are very modern and clean. The owners offer different sizes of flats (for 4 to 6 persons) with kitchens and bathrooms. Hosts extremally helpful. More about Appartamenti un Mondo per Te here.

Hotel Continental

If you are not on a budget and you would like to have a room with a sea view this is a choice for you. It is one of the historical, most famous and glamour hotels of Santa Margherita Ligure. Located on a hill, 5 minutes walk from Santa Margherita Ligure centre. It is a 4* hotel that has its private beach, gym, spa and restaurant. More about Hotel Continental here.


LHP Suite Rapallo

A super modern and clean holiday house. It is located quite close to the town centre and the sea. At the same time it is positioned in a very calm zone and thanks to this you can sleep and relax easily. It offers accommodation for up to 6 persons. The biggest disadvantage is to find a parking place. There is no private parking place and you have to find one public … and in Liguria, in general, it is not very easy. However, if you come to this region you should be aware of it 😉 More about LHP Suite Rapallo here.

Tipica casa ligure

Would you like to feel like a local? Would you like to stay in a super typical, Liguria house? This is a solution for you! This is a holiday house situated in the very centre of Rapallo, close to everything (sea, railway station, old town and even a big parking place!). The flat is furnished in Ligurian style and I really love it! It can hosts up to 8 persons and has a wonderful, large terrace. Very nice tip in Rapallo.  More about Tipica casa ligure here.



Relais Rantegosa Locanda

It is a beautiful B&B located in an antique building from the XV century. The interiors are decorated in the typical, Ligurian style … very chic and cosy. The whole structure is surrounded by a private garden and the guests can use a private swimming pool. Breakfast is rich and various. The villa is located about 5 minutes walk from the town centre of Chiavari. More about Relais Rantegosa Locanda here.

Gim House Appartamento

It is a holiday home based in the central part of Chiavari. It can hosts up to 4 persons. It is modern, located close to the sea and very comfortable if you are going to visit that zone. What is more, I see it from the windows of my flat, so if you choose it for your stay, we can say hello to each other from the balcony 🙂 More about Gim House Appartamento here.

La Banchina House with Pool

A panoramic, modern house located on a hill, above SS1 Aurelia road. It is located in a halfway between Chiavari and Zoagli. From the house, you can admire a breathtaking view of the Ligurian Sea. The house can hosts up to 10 persons and has its private swimming pool (!). The zone is tranquil and peaceful but at the same time, you can reach Chiavari and other towns in less than 10 minutes ride. More about La Banchina House with Pool here.

Hotel San Pietro

It is a 2* hotel located in the front of the Ligurian Sea (!) about 10 meters from the water edge I think 😉 It is very simple and a little bit old fashioned, but clean and comfortable. It is close to the sea, close to the town centre and well connected if you wanna reach other touristic attractions. The rates are tourists friendly 😉 More about Hotel San Pietro here.

Sestri Levante

Appartamento della Baia

Actually, there are two flats. One for up to 4 persons and another one up to 6 persons. They are located close to the town centre, the beach and all facilities. They are very well furnished, very modern and clean. Inside you will find everything you need during your holiday at the seaside. Nice choice in Sestri Levante.  More about Appartamento della Baia here.

Hotel Genova

It is a 3* hotel located about 300 meters from the sea. It is very essential but clean and cosy. If you are looking for a simple base to sleep and to visiting the zone, this hotel is perfect for you. Also, it is much cheaper than in other hotels in Sestri Levante. More about Hotel Genova here.

Ca’ Du Ale

A B&B that is located about 3 kilometres from the town centre, however, it is comfortably connected with Sestri Levante. The biggest advantage is that you can stay in a tranquil countryside away from the crowds that stay in Riviera. You definitely need a car or at least a bike to go to Sestri Levante. The prices are interesting if you are on a budget 🙂 More about Ca’ Du Ale here.

La Pulce Argentata

Modern, holiday house in the centre of Sestri Levante. It is perfect for families with two children or groups of 4 cause it has one double room and two single rooms. Thanks to its position it is close to everything: shops, restaurants, beaches etc. The biggest disadvantages, the flat has no lift and in high season the street below is quite noisy, even during evenings … but you are in the heart of Sestri Levante 😉 More about La Pulce Argentata here.


The important thing, Moneglia is connected with the rest of the world with two tunnels provided with traffic lights that organise traffic in the tunnels So if you are looking for a place where you can stay in the centre of the action, Moneglia is not for you 😉 However, if you want to take a rest and relax, stay close to the sea or visit Cinque Terre by train, Moneglia is absolutely perfect!

A & M House

If you are looking for a tranquil place where to stay on a beach, Moneglia is one of the best places. And A&M House is one of the best places to stay in Moneglia 🙂 This holiday house has the stunning, sea view! It was recently moderated and is very comfortable. It can hosts up to 4 persons. More about A&M House here.

Hotel Residence Mondial

A 3* hotel situated in the front of the sea, about 3 minutes on foot to the nearest beach. You can choose between the rooms and the flats to rent. Some of them have their own, large terraces with the sea view (!). What is more, the hotel has also an indoor swimming pool so if the sea is too rough you can stay there 🙂 More about Hotel Residence Mondial here.

Villa Venino

It is a holiday house that can host up to 6 persons. The rooms are recently renovated and very clean. The house is located about 10 minutes walk and about 3 minutes by car from the Moneglia’s centre. The only disadvantage, the property is located on a steep hillside which could be an issue for some. On the other hand, from the house, you can admire a stunning view of the Moneglia’s Gulf! More about Villa Venino here.



Hotel Villa Belvedere

It is a 3* hotel located very close to the Bonassola centre. Situated on a hill offers a beautiful view of the sea and the Gulf of Bonassola. The hotel was recently renovated and the staff is really very friendly. The hotel has a very nice garden located on the terraced hill where you can take a rest and stay in the shadow under the trees. More about Hotel Villa Belvedere here.


It is a B&B strategically located. Situated next to the railway station (that is extremely comfortable for who is going to visit Cinque Terre from Bonassola). It is located also very close to the sea, so if you wanna stay on the beach it is B&B for you. The rooms are recently renovated and the breakfast is tasty and rich. The rates are much lower than in Cinque Terre. More about Fabienne here.


A Casa Mia

Would you like to visit Cinque Terre but you can’t find anything in the Cinque Terre villages? So here you have a solution! A new, modern holiday house located close to the Levanto’s railway station. Very comfortable for visiting the famous villages. What is more, the house is surrounded by a countryside and total calmness far away from the Cinque Terre crowds. More about A Casa Mia here.

Appartamento della Piazza

Located in the very centre of Levanto. It is very nice if you wanna stay in Levanto, a little bit less if you wanna visit Cinque Terre because it is far away from the railway station. Extremally comfortable if you wanna spend your time on beach and swimming (or surfing, cause Levanto is the Ligurian capital of surfing). The flat can host up to 4 persons.  More about Appartamento della Piazza here.

Hotel Garden

3* hotel is placed in the front of the sea. It is a little bit old fashioned but clean, very comfortable and with sea view. It is a perfect place for whom wanna stay in Levanto and visit its zone. The hotel rent bicycles that are the perfect mean of transport in that town. More about Hotel Garden here.



Da Vice, Rooms

It is a heavenly place in Cinque Terre! In the very centre of the old part of Monterosso, with a stunning view of the village’s roofs. The hosts are super kind and super helpful, the breakfast is extra delicious and the sea is very close … 🙂 An important thing: no lift and no TV in the room, but who cares, you are on holiday 😉 More about Da Vice, Rooms here.

I Tibei Guesthouse

A super modern guesthouse located in the newer part of Monterosso, in Fegina. In the front of the sea, it is a perfect place if you wanna stay here and relax. It is quite away from the most beaten tracks in Monterosso, so the zone is tranquil and quiet. More about I Tibei Guesthouse here.

Albergo degli Amici

Are you looking for a place in the old town centre? With the view on the Monterosso’s roofs and the Ligurian Sea? And maybe with a nice, small garden, and a delicious breakfast? Albergo degli Amici has all these things! Its rooms are a little bit an old styled, but always very clean. Remember that you can’t arrive at the hotel by car – you have to leave it in a parking place about 10 minutes walk from it. More about Albergo degli Amici here.



Albergo Barbara

The TOP place where to sleep in Vernazza! Some of the rooms have the view on the Ligurian Sea and on the main square of the village! The rooms are located on the last floor of the tenement house (no lift). They are quite small and the ceiling is not very high. The biggest disadvantage is that the rooms don’t have an air condition … so during the hottest months, it is quite hot inside. In other periods it is perfect! More about Albergo Barbara here.

Affittacamere Elisabetta

The rooms with the view on Vernazza roofs, on the castle and on the sea. The house is located exactly above Vernazza’s beach! The biggest disadvantages? No lift (again, but in Cinque Terre is almost impossible to find a flat with an elevator) and parking place fare away from the house. The best solution is to left your car in La Spezia or in Levanto and come here on a train. More about Affittacamere Elisabetta here.


Tre Passi dal Mare

Corniglia, the highest and the smallest through all Cinque Terre. It is also the calmest and probably the most authentic of Cinque Terre. This holiday house is located in the very centre of the village. You can eat a breakfast or do an aperitivo on the magnificent terrace that is located on the top of the house. The views are stunning and the calmness and peacefulness are always present. The hosts own also a restaurant that is located close to the holiday house. More about Tre Passi dal Mare here.


Posidonia Cinque Terre

It is a holiday house located in the interior part of the village. Actually next to the main church of Manarola with a view on the tower bell and the hill where the Manarola’s Christmas Crib is located. It is located quite far away from the sea, however, very comfortable if you want to go trekking. Here start many trails of Cinque Terre. The public parking place is located about 3 minutes walk from the house. The rooms can host from 2 to 4 persons. More about Posidonia Cinque Terre here.


riomaggiore, cinque,terre,liguria,italy

The First – Riomaggiore 5 Terre

This is a holiday house with one of the most famous and spectacular views of Cinque Terre. It is located in the small harbour of Riomaggiore. The rooms are super modern, very nice designed and have a fantastic view of the sea and Riomaggiore. As always in Cinque Terre, you won’t find any lift here and the nearest parking place is located about 2 kilometres away (in this case it is better to leave your car in La Spezia and arrive here by train). More about The First -Riomaggiore 5 Terre here.

Pepita di Rio

This is another holiday house. You will find it in front of the holiday house I’ve mentioned above 😉 It consists of one double room with a nice terrace and a small flat with the sea view. The whole house is recently renovated, located very close to the local restaurants, mountain trails, the harbour of Riomaggiore and railway station. As above, here you won’t find a lift (but the host helps with the luggage) and no parking places. More about Pepita di Rio here.

La Spezia

The Poet Hotel

A super modern, new, 4* hotel is located in the very centre of La Spezia. Very comfortable if you want to visit Cinque Terre, Portovenere, Lerici, Tellaro o Luni. Close to the restaurants and bars in the city centre. The staff is friendly and very helpful. More about The Poet Hotel here.

Affittacamere Golfo della Luna

This holiday house is located very close to the La Spezia Centrale railway station. The rooms are all with the private bathrooms. They are all a little bit old fashioned but clean and nice. The hosts are nice and give all the information that you can need. More about Affittacamere Golfo della Luna here.

Ospitalità Insolita

It is a holiday house, actually a large room. It is a very nice furniture, with a private bathroom. Located in the central part of La Spezia, close to the harbour. In the zone, you will find many bars and locals. More about Ospitalità Insolita here.



Casa Vacanze Armanda

A holiday house located in the historical centre of Lerici in one of the tenement (watch out the steep steps!)The flat can host up to 4 persons and has everything you can need during your stay close to the sea. Lerici has a nice, sea connection with La Spezia, Portovenere and Cinque Terre. What is more, it has a fantastic, sandy beach and a lovely old town. More about Casa Vacanze Armanda here.

Al Molo Sea View Rooms

As you can imagine these are the rooms with the sea view in Lerici 😉 They are super modern, recently renovated with this fantastic view of the sea. Very close to the beach and very comfortable for reaching local restaurants and shops. As often in old Ligurian houses, there no lift so you have to climb the steep stairs. However, if you stay in one of the rooms on the higher floors, you will be surely satisfied. More about Al Molo Sea Rooms here.

Hotel Florida

Its position and the view from the rooms are really spectacular! It is located next to the sea promenade, 50 meters from the beach. The rooms are essential but clean and comfortable. The breakfast served is very rich and appreciated by the guests. The hotel has a lift! 🙂 More about Hotel Florida here.


Casa Giangarè

A B&B located in the historical centre of Sarzana. It offers double, triple and quadruple rooms, all modern and very clean. The biggest advantage is surely breakfast! Very rich, fresh and different every day! From the rooms, you can admire the view on the Sarzana’s roofs. The hosts are very friendly and helpful. More about Casa Giangarè here.

Sarzana’s Rooms

Super modern two double rooms. One with a private bathroom and the second with a shared bathroom. Everything super clean and new. The house is located in the centre of Sarzana, close to the restaurants, shops and bars. What is more, Sarzana can be used as a base town for reaching Cinque Terre, Pisa, Lucca (Tuscany). More about Sarzana’s Rooms here.

Now I’m preparing the second part of “Accommodation’s post” – the next one is Western Liguria 🙂




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