Are the Ligurian motorways safe ?!?

I live here and me and my family we use the Ligurian motorways every day. After the events of the last days, I decided to write this post. I try to reassumed here for you all that I know about what is happening here with the Ligurian motorways.

Morandi Bridge

As you all probably know on Agust 14th 2018 collapsed a part of motorway bridge on A10 motorway in Genoa. That day 43 persons died and the motorway remained interrupted. Now a new bridge is under construction and I’m going to describe to you how it goes and how it will be in the next post here on the blog.

A6 Savona – Turin – Madonna del Monte Bridge

However, on last Sunday, November 24th 2019 happened something that everybody here feared … collapsed another motorway bridge!This time it was 30-meter long portion of A6 motorway connected Savona (West Liguria) and Turin (in Piedmont). Fortunately this time there were no victims. But the huge worry and doubt remain … if the Ligurian motorways are safe???

It is the question that everybody here makes, we use local motorways every day! Here in Liguria, there are about 5 THOUSAND road and motorway bridges  (!!!) The local authorities, motorway controllers and external controllers claim that they are watching over the bridges. It is said that the A6 motorway bridge collapsed because of an unusual landslide has run over its pillars. Local newspapers say that the bridge structure was healthy and it was an unexpected event.

Closure of  A26  Genoa – Turin

What is more, the day after, Genoas authorities closed motorway A26, claiming that 2 bridges of that motorway are not secure any more. The effect was, that Genoa became completely congested and it was almost impossible to get in and out from the city (!). At the end of the day, the authorities decided that A26 can be reopened but with some cautions.

Actual situation in Liguria

  1. The new bridge that will replace the collapsed bridge is under construction and should be inaugurated in 2020. Until is not ready, drivers have to exit the motorway A10 in Genova Aeroporto (if they arriving from the West) and in Genova Ovest if they arrive from East or North, and use bypass of Lungomare Giuseppe Canepa. More here.
  2. A6 (Savona – Torino) is interrupted close to Savone in the direction to the North. However, it was partially reopened and there is narrowing and only one line for direction. The motorway authorities say that the new motorway bridge will be ready in spring 2020.
  3. A7 (Genova – Milano) Already 2 bridges of this motorway are suspected not to be secure. The motorways have already started works for repairing them. For this moment, in that part of the motorway, there is only a one-line for direction.
  4. A26 (Genova – Torino) is partially opened with a line for every direction in the part where were individuated the unsafe bridges.
  5. A10 (Genova-Ventimiglia) is fully opened, however some of its motorway bridges were individuated as not safe and they have to be repaired.
  6. A12 (Genova – Livorno) is opened, however, some of its bridges have to be repaired. In the part close to La Spezia some modernisation works are made.

During last months many investigations against motorway authorities were made. For the moment nothing is sure but in all these days the newspapers show new not very reassuring information. It is said, that motorway authorities were fixing the results of the tests of the conditions of the bridges and in fact, their real conditions are much worse than we all believed. If they are safe? The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure claims they are.



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      Non c’è di che! Spero possano essere utili!

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