Capponadda, delicious dish of the Ligurian sailors!


You feel hot in these days? You don’t know what to prepare for dinner? You’d prefer something fresh and light? So this Ligurian dish will solve your problems! πŸ™‚ Capponadda is a typical dish made with bread and enriched with anchovies and other fresh ingredients. Delicious! Ingredients: 2 Gallette genovesi (a kind of bread from […]

Daily limits of tourists in Cinque Terre?

During the last days, I found the information about the introduction of the daily limits of presences in Cinque Terre. The information regarded especially Riomaggiore, which has changed its internal regulations to protect itself against the invasion of tourists. I admit that this information surprised me very much (because I haven’t heard about it) and […]

San Fruttuoso – a monastery and one of the most beautiful beaches in Liguria!

San Fruttuoso was a Benedictine monastery and then over the years, it was also a pirates’ cove and a fishing village. Located in a stunning bay with breathtaking views attracts many tourists every year. Is it worth to visit it? Absolutely yes! How to reach San Fruttuoso? There is no road that leads to San […]