Autumn holidays in Liguria … is it a good idea?


Some of you are going to visit Liguria during the autumn. Well … I admit that the autumn holidays have their advantages and disadvantages. It also depends on what you are going to do during your free time in Liguria. Below I list the most important pros and cons of the autumn holidays.


  1. The biggest one is for sure that you spend much less than in the high season. From the beginning of September, the prices of hotels, rents, restaurants, etc become lower. If your budget is limited it could be a great idea to visit Liguria during this season.
  2. Another one is that the tourists are less numerous. The majority of the visitors come here to stay on the seaside. When the summer finishes they leave Liguria. So if you are looking for the calm places without the crowds, the Ligurian autumn is perfect for you!
  3. In September starts a cooler weather. It means that it is still possible to swim in the sea and wear the t-shirts, but the weather starts changing. The sunny days are possible and very often but they are not so common as in the summer. Also, it is not so hot as in June, Julie or August. If you are not looking for a hot weather … the autumn is ok!
  4. Another pro is that all tourist places become more authentic. You can meet the local people rather than the tourists. I adore staying in Portofino when the summer season is finished … without the crowds. I can have the chats with fishermen, talk with the owners of the restaurants … Everything becomes slower, calmer and more authentic!
  5. Autumn is also a perfect period for visiting Genoa! If you prefer visiting the cities rather than the seaside and the villages that is your moment! Also because many shops, restaurants and museums remain closed during the summer months. In the summertime, the majority of inhabitants of Genoa go away for their holidays. When Autumn begins everything comes back to its normal routine.


  1. The weather …. especially the RAIN. The weather from the beginning of September is very changeable. It can change a lot even during a day. You can start a day by taking a sunbathe … and finish it wearing a puffy jacket! The biggest problem is the rain. It seems that the climate changes make the Ligurian autumn a raining season. Sometimes it can be very dangerous. In October 2014 a violent flood flooded Genoa and Chiavari. In October 2011 the floods destroyed Cinque Terre and the eastern part of Liguria. Even if it doesn’t happen every year the weather in the autumn in Liguria is not very stable. If you decide to come here during this period, you should remember it. What is more, in November even a snow is possible … so the hats and the gloves are necessary!
  2. With the beginning of the autumn, many places in Riviera remain closed. Private beaches, restaurants, shops and hotels. Of course not all of them … but the majority. Everything becomes sleepy and lazy … However, if you are not interested in very active life, this season is ok for you anyway.
  3. Ferries stop cruising. They cruise until the half of September. Then also the sea conditions are not so good for transport the tourists. If you don’t care about ferries excursions it won’t be a problem for you.

Well … I think that I listed the most important pros and cons of autumn holidays in Liguria. I hope they will be useful!


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