Best 10 free things to do in Liguria!

The Christmas Time is finished and we’ve already come back to reality. Maybe you start preparing or thinking about your holiday in Liguria. So maybe this post will convince you to decide to come here for holiday 🙂

Let’s start!

The Festival of the street artists “Festival Andersen” in Sestri Levante. It is organized every year at the end of May and the beginning of June. It is a meeting of the best street artist from all over the world !!!Every year street artists come to Sestri Levante and show their performances on the streets of the town. All performances are free of charge. More info about Sestri Levante and the Festival here.

  • Rolli Days

Rolli Days in Genoa. Palaces of Rolli are beautiful, Renaissance buildings that in 2003 were inscribed on the Unesco Heritage List. Normally, only 7 of them are opened to a public. They are regular museums where you buy a ticket if you want to visit them. However, twice a year, almost all 114 Rolli Palaces (!) are opened to a public and the entrance is free of charge. More about Rolli Days here.

  • Botteghe storiche

That are handicrafts shops and historical shops of Genoa (botteghe storiche in Italian). It is not a very famous attraction of Genoa but I think it should become one of the biggest attraction of this city! In that places, you can find everything: food, clothes, glass, timbres, cork or spices. They exist in Genoa from at least 80 to even almost 400 years (!!!) but the most incredible thing is that they give a possibility to taste an atmosphere of the past. It is really an amazing experience. I wrote about them here and here.

  • Parchi di Nervi

Parks in Genoa Nervi. It is a huge park complex that is located in the eastern quarter of Genoa (called Nervi). The parks extend about 92000 m². You can take a rest here and admire numerous, rare and exotic plants. What is more, during summer you can watch the films in open-air cinemas. Definitively, it is a perfect place to admire the Ligurian Sea because the parks are located on its seashore. Entrance to the parks is free.

  • Beaches

Public beaches. They are free and open for everybody. What is more, I included many of them on my list of 10 most beautiful beaches in Liguria.

  • Museums

Museums on the first Sunday of a month. On those days you don’t pay an entrance. You have only pay attention if the museum you going to visit is a state, regional or private. The free Sunday is a rule in the state museums. How it works in another type of museums depends on their owners.

  • Churches

As you probably know the churches in Italy are the kind of sacred museums. The biggest advantage is that you can visit them without paying a ticket!!! The majority of them are richly decorated and guard very important works of art (paintings of Rubens in Genoa or Van Dyck in Monterosso).

  • Cycle lines

They are an alternative way of visiting Liguria. The longest cycle line that leads along a seashore is 24km long and it is located in western Liguria (Sanremo-Daino Marina). You can find also 2 shorter cycle lines that lead along the seashore. The one is 4,3 km long from Verazze to Cogoleto and another one 5,6 km long from Framura to Levanto. And in a hinterland of eastern Liguria, you can take a 36 km long cycle line from Gattorna to Carasco.

  • Mountain trails

Apart from the most famous one (Sentiero Azzurro in Cinque Terre) that costs 7,50€/pers, all trails in Liguria are free of charge.

  • Staglieno

It is a monumental cemetery of Genoa. As when you are in Paris and you should absolutely see Perè-Lachaise, when you are in Genoa you should absolutely see Staglieno. It is practically an open-air sculpture museum. It is very extended, the sculptures are so beautiful and the atmosphere is so melancholic that you can’t miss this place. And of course, the entrance is free of charge. I’ve written about Staglieno here before.

And now, what you’re going to do? You come in Liguria ??? 🙂

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