Boccadasse, the most charming district in Genoa!

Boccadasse is a part of the eastern district of Genoa, called Albaro. This mini district is hidden from the whole of Genoa. It is invisible from the main street. It is located in such beautiful place and it is so different from the centre of Genoa that it seems to be in a small, fishermen village, not the capital of Liguria … 🙂

How to get to Boccadasse?

– by car

  • motorway – from motorway A12 in Genova Nervi and then follow the road signs to the city centre. After about 15 minutes you will arrive in a long and very large boulevard that leads along the seashore. It is named Corso Italia here you can park your car in a parking place along the street.  Boccadasse is located at the beginning of Corso Italia. The most spectacular entrance to Bocacadasse is located there, next to Sant’Antonio di Padova church.
  • aurelia – SS1 – from the east you can reach Boccadasse driving this road. It brings you to Corso Italia where you have to find a parking place.

– by train – the closest railway station is Genova Sturla station. It is one of the local train stations of Genoa. Don’t be afraid when you will see it cause in this period it is a construction site. Here stop the majority of local trains. From the station you take via Sturla . Then turn right to via Caprera and after about 20 minutes you will arrive to the Sant’Antonio di Padova church.

-by bus – lines 31 and 42; ticket 1,50€; more here.


When you arrive at Sant’Antonio di Padova church you can start exploring Boccadasse!



According to the legend, Boccadasse was founded in 1000 A.C. by Spanish fishermen that had found here a shelter from a rough sea. Then the village became a part of  S.Franceso d’Albaro district. After that in the  XIX century became a part of Genoa. At the beginning of the XX  century, Genoa starts growing and getting bigger. The whole district of Albaro was rebuilt and changed a lot. However, Boccadasse remained the same. Nothing has changed here. What is more, in the XX century, the local authorities were intended to demolish the whole hamlet of Boccadasse (!). According to their plans, Corso Italia should have lead exactly where the Boccadasse is located. Fortunately thanks to the inhabitant’s protest the decision was changed and nowadays we can admire this charming place in Genoa.


The origins of the name of Boccadasse are not sure. Probably its name came from the shape of the Gulf of Boccadasse. The inhabitants called it bocca d’azë , that in local dialect means a donkey mouth (!)

Things to see & do:

I have mentioned so many times before that we can start visiting Boccadasse from Sant’Antonio di Padova church 🙂 So let’s do this! Especially because its tower is the most characteristic part of Boccadasse.

Chiesa di Sant’Antonio di Padova

(Sant’Antonio di Padova Church )

At the beginning of the XVII century, a small chapel was built in this place. After a century it was rebuilt a became a church founded by local inhabitants and fishermen. Inside you can admire paintings and sculptures of the local artists. The only problem is that the church is very often closed.

Next to the church is located a fantastic square. From there you can admire a wonderful view on Boccadasse. It is also the best place for making the pictures.

Then, from the square, you can go down through a narrow, old crêuza that leads to the beach and sea. Here you can find numerous restaurants and bars where you can eat some fresh fish and drink some nice drinks. This place is very popular with inhabitants of Genoa, especially during weekends and evenings.


This is the most popular and most famous bar in Boccadasse. It is the almost cult place. Here you can drink fantastic drinks and try some delicious, fresh snack that is served during the aperitivo time. The only problem is that there are only chairs and no tables. The customers sit on chairs, on the beach or stay on foot.  In any case, the view that you can admire during your aperitivo time is stunning! I really recommend you that place.

But it is not the end! After Strambata you can go up through the second crêuza of Boccadasse. It leads to the panoramic point named Capo Santa Chiara. From here you can admire the view on the Ligurian Sea and eastern Liguria.

Capo Santa Chiara

From the panoramic point, you can continue your trip and go down through one of the ancient crêuza: via Flavia and via Urania. From via Flavia you can turn to the small, charming bay. Here an old, fortified building and Bagni Santa Chiara with another fantastic bar are located. A very nice place to stay 🙂

You can also continue going down through via Flavia that brings you to the second end of  Boccadasse. When you arrive at another beach you realised that Boccadasse is finished. The buildings are different and it seems to be in Genoa again. If you like swimming you can get a bath here. The local beach is not so crowded as the one in Boccadasse 😉  (Admonition: if you would like to go only to that beach, you can get it in a much easier way. Without climbing the hills 🙂 It is enough to arrive to via Chighizola).

I think that Boccadasse is the most charming part of Genoa. If you are visiting the capital of Liguria you should absolutely visit it 🙂

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  1. Bernard Buckleyi says: Reply

    fantastic photographs and great information!
    it’s always a pleasure to receive your blogs!
    grazie mille come sempre!

    1. That's Liguria! says: Reply

      It’s my pleasure Bern! Thank you!

  2. Sven Oskar Lind says: Reply

    what a wonderful place this is…is it paradise….yes i think so

    1. That's Liguria! says: Reply

      Absolutely agree!

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