Camping in Liguria, know how :)

After the post about holiday homes and hotels, I decided to write also about this form of accommodation. Especially because you can find numerous campings in Liguria. Below I list the rules you should know about campings in this region:

Free camping

At first, I wanna start with a free camping. It is allowed or not? The answer is … IT IS NOT CLEAR 😉 There is no rule or regulation that forbids or allows the free camping. So it could look like it is allowed …. however it is possible that if you put your tent in a place that is not a campsite you will take a fine anyway (!!!). So what you are supposed to do in this situation? I called many different municipal offices. They told me that the best thing to do is to go to a local municipality office that is responsible for the area where you want to put your tent and ask them for a written permission for the free camping …

Well, what can I say … I don’t know if all this is worth the effort. First of all, you should know Italian very well cause Italian clerks (99,9% of them) don’t speak in foreign languages. The second thing is that you don’t know how much time they will need to give you a permission (remember that there is no rule or law about free camping). However, if you are lucky and you find a clerk that knows what to do in this case could give you the permission immediately.


The majority of campsites are seasonal. That’s why it is important to check before you come (especially in low season) if your campsite is opened or not. What is more, from November to March the weather in Liguria can be really horrible (this year snowed even in Riviera). So check all these things before you come in Liguria.


The prices are always divided into low season prices and high season prices. Normally the high season begins in June (or June the 15th) and finished in September. The gap between high and low season prices can be very wide (about 30%-50 % or even more). The average prices are: (the first price: low season; second price: high season)

Caravan/camper/big tent:  13€/night; 30€/night

Small camper/small tent: 10€/night; 16€/night

Adults: 5€ pers/night; 13€ pers/night

Children  2-10 years: 3€ pers/night; 6€ pers/night

List of the Ligurian campsites

Below I list the Ligurian campsites. They are ordered by the towns from the western Liguria to the eastern Liguria:

  • Ventimiglia (loc.Latte), Camping Por la Mar; more here.
  • Camporosso, Camping Helios; more here.
  • Vallecrosia, Camping Vallecrosia; more here.
  • Sanremo, Villaggio dei Fiori; more here.
  • Sanremo, Blue Beach Bungalows; more here.
  • Santo Stefano al Mare, Camper Village; more  here.
  • Imperia, Camping de Wijnstok; more here.
  • Imperia, Campeggio Piani; more here.
  • Diano Marina, Camping Angolo di Sogno; more here.
  • Diano Marina, Camping Marino; more here.
  • Diano Marina, Camping Edy; more here.
  • San Bartolomeo al Mare, Camping il Frantoio; more here.
  • San Bartolomeo al Mare, Camping Rosa; more here.
  • Cervo, Camping Lino; more here.
  • Cervo, Camping del Mare; more here.
  • Cervo, Bungalows Miracervo; more here.
  • Laigueglia, Camping San Sebastiano; more here.
  • Laigueglia, Camping Capo Mele; more here.
  • Alassio, Parco Vacanze Monti e Mare; more here.
  • Albenga, Gallinara Parco Vacanze; more here.
  • Albenga, C’era una Volta; more here.
  • Albenga, Parco Vacanze dei Fiori; more here.
  • Albenga, Camping Green Village; more here.
  • Albenga, Lionetta Parco Vacanze; more here.
  • Albenga, Camping Mauro; more here.
  • Albenga, Riviera Camping Residence; more here.
  • Albenga, Camping Bella Vista; more here.
  • Albenga, Roma Parco Vacanze; more here.
  • Albenga, La Pineta Parco Vacanze; more here.
  • Albenga, Camping Delfino; more here.
  • Ceriale, Il Paese di Cribi; more here.
  • Ceriale, Camping Baciccia; more here.
  • Ceriale, Parco Vacane Pineta Aurelio; more here.
  • Ceriale, Camping Delphis; more here.
  • Borghetto Santo Spirito, Pfirsich Parco Vacanze; more here.
  • Loano, Camping Holiday; more here.
  • Pietra Ligure, Camping dei Fiori; more here.
  • Pietra Ligure, Pian dei Boschi, more here.
  • Borgio Verezzi, Camping Park Mara; more here.
  • Finale Ligure, Eurocamping Calvisio; more here.
  • Finale Ligure, Camping San Martino; more here.
  • Finale Ligure, Camping Thaiti; more here.
  • Finale Ligure, Camping Terre Rosse; more here.
  • Spotorno, Camping Rustia; more here.
  • Spotorno, Camping Leo; more here.
  • Savona, Camping Charly; more here.
  • Albisola, Campeggio Anita; more here.
  • Albisola, Camping Dolce Vita; more here.
  • Arenzano, Caravan Park La Vesima; more here.
  • Genoa (Pegli), Campeggio Villa Doria; more here.
  • Bogliasco, Camping Genova Est; more here.
  • Rapallo, Miraflores; more here.
  • Rapallo, Camping Rapallo; more here.
  • Lavagna, Lo Scoglio; more here.
  • Sestri Levante, Mare Monti; more here.
  • Sestri Levante, Camping Santa Vittoria; more here.
  • Sestri Levante, Makallè Parco Vacanze; more here.
  • Sestri Levante, Tigullio Parco Vacanze; more here.
  • Sestri Levante, Camping Fossa Lupara; more here.
  • Sestri Levante, Camping La Pineta; more here.
  • Sestri Levante, Trigoso Parco Vacanze; more here.
  • Moneglia, Camping Smeraldo; more here.
  • Moneglia, Il Rospo; more here.
  • Moneglia, Camping La Secca; more here.
  • Moneglia, Oasi Parco Vacanze; more here.
  • Moneglia, Camping Il Bracco Intereuropa; tel: 0185401207
  • Deiva Marina, Camping Valedeiva; more here.
  • Deiva Marina, Fornaci al Mare; more here.
  • Deiva Marina, Camping La Sfinge; more here.
  • Deiva Marina, Costabella; tel: 0187 825343, tel. w okresie zimowym: 0187 815805
  • Bonassola, La Francesca; more here.
  • Levanto, Camping Acquadolce; more here.
  • Levanto, Pian di Picche; more here.
  • Levanto, Camping Albero d’Oro; more here.
  • Levanto, Camping San Michele; more here.
  • Levanto, Camping 5 Terre; more here.
  • Lerici, Campeggio Gianna; more here.
  • Lerici, Maralunga; more here.
  • Ameglia, Camping River; more here.
  • Sarzana, Marina 3B; more here.

Good luck 😉

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