Wines from Cinque Terre are too expensive … seriously?

Yeap, I’ve heard it many times before, wines from Cinque Terre cost too much! Well, they aren’t cheap, however, if I explain to you what an enormous work is needed to produce every single bottle of this wine, you’ll realise that the price is absolutely reasonable … or even not enough high comparing the work […]

Sasso del sego, the witness of Cinque Terre’s past ;)

Cinque Terre are famous for their beautiful views and crystal clear water. Now they are overpopulated and super touristic places. However, in the past they were simple, isolated, fishermen villages. And the thing is that probably only a careful tourist will notice certain elements that remained from the ancient past of Cinque Terre. In fact, […]

Daily limits of tourists in Cinque Terre?

During the last days, I found the information about the introduction of the daily limits of presences in Cinque Terre. The information regarded especially Riomaggiore, which has changed its internal regulations to protect itself against the invasion of tourists. I admit that this information surprised me very much (because I haven’t heard about it) and […]