Sciacchetrà, the amazing wine from Cinque Terre!

This is probably the most important and the most famous product of Cinque Terre. An incredible, liquor wine that is produced from the grapes that grow on the steep hills of Cinque Terre. The cultivation of this vineyards is so hard that the Sciacchetrà makers are called heroic viticulturists. So let’s see what they have […]

Chiavarina, the chair that became the worldwide success!

Chiavari is a lovely town located in eastern Liguria ( I wrote about it here). In the surroundings of Chiavari, there were always many workshops that produced silk, damask and lace. However, the most famous exporting product from Chiavari was a chair called “chiavarina“. History Chiavarina was created in 1807 r. by a local cabinetmaker […]