Cervo, a small piece of heaven in Liguria!

It is a tiny town located in the Western Liguria. It has a beautiful, medieval old town and very nice sea. It is situated between Albenga and Sanremo and it is really worth to see it when you are in that zone.

How to reach Cervo?

  • by car

–  A10 motorway – you have to exit with San Bartolomeo al Mare motorway exit and then follow indications to Cervo. It takes about 15 minutes to arrive in the town. More info here.

SS1 Aurelia – state road that leads along Ligurian shore. In this part, it is very panoramic and offers beautiful views of the shore and the sea.

  • by bus0012 Line that connects Cervo with Sanremo and Andora. More info here.


And that’s all … 😉 There is no railway station or harbour in Cervo.


The first settlement was created here in a prehistorical era. Then in 181 B.C. it was conquered by Romans and became a very important town in that zone. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Cervo became a part of the Byzantine Empire.  Then in 1204 was conquered by the Republic of Genoa. After that became a part of the First French Empire and at the end in 1861 of the United Italy.

The things to see & do

The town is situated on the top of a small hill. If you arrive by car you can park it on the top of the hill in via Circovalazione di Ponente where you find many white parking places. A bus stop is located at the foot of the hill so from there you will have to climb a little bit 😉

I arrived here by car and I parked it in via Circovalazione di Ponente … that’s why I start describing Cervo from the top 😉


On the top of the hill, you will find a Medieval gate that is still an entrance of an old town of Cervo. On the left, you will see a castle of Cervo.

Castello dei Clavesana (Clavesana’s Castel)

At the beginning, it was a church that was dedicated to St. Katherine. Then in the XIII century, a lord of Cervo, marquis Clavesana, decided to move into that building. So that’s why the church was rebuilt and became a castle. Then during the ages, it changed its use many times again. It became a hospital, an oratory and now it is a seat of a local Touristic Information and a local Ethnographical Museum.

After you visit the castle you can take a walk through narrow streets of the old town of Cervo. The town centre is not very big so you can’t be lost and without problems, you will find Piazza San Giovanni. This is a main square of the town. This is also the most characteristic place of Cervo. Here you find the most important church of the town.

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista (John the Baptist church)

It was built between the XVII and the XVIII century and nowadays it is considered one of the most important Baroque building located in the Western Liguria. What is more, from the square in the front of the church you can admire a fantastic panorama on the Ligurian sea.

From the square, you can see also a tower of another church. It is St. Katherine Oratory.

Oratorio di Santa Caterina (St. Katherine Oratory)

A building was built in the XIII century after a transfer from the castle. It was built in Romanesque style. Inside you can admire some frescos from the XV century.


Then you can continue your stroll and go down into a beach. When you arrive at the foot of the hill you cross SS1 Aurelia and arrive at a seaside. The beach here is quite big and gravelly. What is more, it is the beach “with a view” because from here you can admire the whole Cervo’s old town 😉


Cervo was famous for its coral fishermen. In the past, they sailed into the shores of Corsica and there were fishing corals.Then they brought them back to Cervo and sold them in Liguria and in whole Italy. Thanks to that commerce the town became very rich. In fact, the John the Baptist church was built thanks to the money that had been donated by the coral fishermen.

What can I add? Cervo is so romantic and so calm town that you will feel really relaxed here. If you are not looking for super touristic, crowded places … Cervo is the place for you!

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