Coronavirus in Italy?!? No panic!

I’m honest, I didn’t want to write this post … Firstly, because I’m not a virologist and I don’t know the argument as an expert. Secondly, because I think that these days too many persons/experts took advantage of this media case. However, in last days I heard so many irrational reactions and statements that I decided to do this.

The panic reaction of the first week …

First of all, I think that the most important thing is to keep calm and use common sense. During the last week, when in North Italy were confirmed first cases of coronavirus, thousands of Italians literally stormed supermarkets buying anything can be necessary to survive during the next weeks (!) It seemed kind of preparation to a war 🤦‍♀️Then all face masks and hand sanitizers were sold out 😷 … actually, they are scarce in the whole country (!) … Then, after the Italian panic, arrived international panic … Many tourists started cancelling their holidays in Italy (!)

What do the experts say?

The coronavirus 👑🦠 is considered only slightly more dangerous than the average flu. What is more, most of the persons (95% in Italy) that were affected by that virus had very light symptoms and healed spontaneously. The group on the higher risk are all persons that already have chronic diseases and their immune system can be compromised. In fact, all Italian victims of coronavirus were persons with previous, chronic diseases. Moreover, they all were older adults (seventy-year-old, eighty-year-old).

How to behave to avoid infection & limit spread of coronavirus?

Below I list the WHO recommendations against spreading the new coronavirus:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Maintain social distancing – at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough
  • Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance.
  • Wear a face mask ONLY if you think you are sick or assisting the sick

Should you cancel your holiday in Italy?

The situation is very dynamic but in any case, I would strongly recommend you to keep calm and see how the situation evolve.

[UPDATE 03/10/20]

As I’ve mentioned before, the situation is VERY dynamic and has changed quite dramatically within the last 10 days. Due to the increasing number of cases and, in principle, the lack of places in intensive care units in many hospitals, the Italian government introduced a ban on moving throughout the country. It means that to get out of any municipality, you must have very important professional or health reasons and you must have proofs for them. Failure to comply with these rules may result in criminal liability and up to 3 months imprisonment. For now, in Liguria 101 cases of persons infected by coronavirus are confirmed, 9 of them are dead. In the actual situation, my opinion is still the same: don’t panic and if you haven’t planned your Italian holidays in the next weeks, don’t make definitive decisions yet.

Now visiting Italy/Liguria is actually impossible … because we all can’t leave our houses without a valid permission and ALL the museums, theatres, ski resorts are closed. However, sooner or later they will reopen and then the situation should begin to stabilize.

[UPDATE 03/17/20]

In Liguria, 617 cases of coronavirus are confirmed. 328 persons stay in hospitals, 38 are dead and the rest have to stay isolated at home. Almost everything is closed. The only places that are open are supermarkets, pharmacies and kiosks. All inhabitants are invited to stay at home and leave them only in case of real necessity. Actually you can’t move between different towns, to do so you have to have an extremely important health or working or family reasons. For all these reasons, at this moment is actually impossible to visit Italy/Liguria. In the actual situation, my opinion is still the same: don’t panic and if you haven’t planned your Italian holidays in the next days/weeks, don’t make definitive decisions yet.

[UPDATE  03/25/20]

Actually, in Liguria, are confirmed 1864 person infected by coronavirus: 950 persons stay in hospitals, 740 stay at home in quarantine, 231 are dead. However, during the last days, the total number of new infections and deaths (in Liguria and in Italy) started decreasing.

Here in Liguria, we all have to stay at home isolation and we can leave it only for buying food or to have an urgent medical visit. Anybody who is out of his/her home without a valid reason risks a fine that goes from 500€ to 3000€.

Experts say that this week is absolutely crucial and that the whole Italian/Ligurian future situation depends on what will happen in the next days.

[UPDATE  04/01/20]

Actually, in Liguria, are confirmed 2918 person infected by coronavirus: 1332 persons stay in hospitals (179 in intensive care), 1174 stay at home in home isolation, 428 are dead. The total number of healed persons is 480. The trend of the total number of new infections and deaths is still decreasing. The governor of Liguria said that if this trend will continue, the current restrictions will be able to lighten about April 20.

I can only add that I hope these new, drastic restrictions will stop the spread of the virus quickly and the situation will return to be normal. Keep your fingers crossed 😉


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  1. I totally agree. Well written, sensible suggestions!

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  2. Good luck Liguria, good luck Italy
    Stay safe

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      Thanks 🙂

  3. In view of the rapid spread of coronavirus in Italy, the government in Rome is meeting with representatives from neighbouring countries Slovenia, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany to discuss what further measures should be taken. The number of infections now exceeds 220. Commentaries range from cool-headed reflection to borderline panic. “In its contingency plans, the state must take into account the uncontrollable human factor. It may seem wise for individuals to buy face masks, for example. But when everyone thinks like that there could be a run on supplies, leading to a shortage that affects those who most urgently need these products: doctors and nurses. That would be really bad news. The state’s biggest task now is to get its contingency plans out of the drawer, prepare hospitals and provide them with sufficient resources. That may sound more boring than plans to stop trains and close borders. But it’s much more efficient.”

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      Thank you for the statement that you shared!

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