Daily limits of tourists in Cinque Terre?

During the last days, I found the information about the introduction of the daily limits of presences in Cinque Terre. The information regarded especially Riomaggiore, which has changed its internal regulations to protect itself against the invasion of tourists. I admit that this information surprised me very much (because I haven’t heard about it) and I decided to find some sure information in the municipality of Riomaggiore.


– This year the forecasts of the tourist’s arrivals in Cinque Terre are really alarming. It is said that over 700.000 cruise passengers will come + hundreds of thousands of tourists that come here by train, by car and on foot … it is definitely too much for that small, fishermen villages.

– During the Easter holidays, we’ve seen the first “tourist invasion” of this year. Just before the Easter started the mayor of Vernazza had invited all tourists to stay away from the Cinque Terre to avoid the risk of landslides and crowds (!)

– After the Easter the mayor of Riomaggiore said: “I will report the way of acting of Trenitalia (Italian railways) to the prosecutor. Trenitalia didn’t comply with the Civil Protection Ordinances of the Municipality, which set a” maximum capacity “of the territory. That day the trains continued bringing people to the hamlet when the docks and the streets were well beyond the reception threshold “. She announced also: “Next time, I won’t let people get off the trains. I will lock the station and the tourists won’t enter the hamlet. We can’t jeopardize the keeping of the territory, the quality of life of the inhabitants and the safety of the tourists themselves”.

Actual situation

After that announcement, many journals claimed that Cinque Terre introduced the daily limits of tourists. IT IS NOT TRUE! It would surely be very positive for the hamlets and its inhabitants. However, for the moment it seems to be too complicated to introduce into everyday life. So, FOR THE MOMENT, nothing has changed. There is no daily limit of tourists in Cinque Terre. And you don’t have to be afraid that you will be forced to stay in the railway station without seeing Cinque Terre villages πŸ™‚

However, a solution on how to solve the question of the crowds of tourists has to be found cause the situation is really very difficult and unbearable…


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