Focaccia al formaggio, the dish you must try in Liguria :)

Focaccia al formaggio is a speciality from Recco. It has already the IGP (Indicazione Geografica Prottetta) protection symbol. It means that it can be produced only in some indicated places. However, the most important thing is that for me it is the best speciality from Liguria …. and also probably one of the tastiest dishes that you can eat in Italy !!! πŸ™‚


This dish was invented in Recco. It was very important especially in the periods when inhabitants of the town had to hide in the nearby mountains from the Saracens pirates. The essential thing was that focaccia was very easy to prepare, especially under field conditions. It was enough to mix flour, olive oil and cheese and then cooked them together on a hot rock.

The first mention about this dish comes from the period of the Third Crusade. In 1189 the abbey of San Fruttuoso (more here) received crusaders from Liguria that departed out from here to the Holy Land. One of the dishes that was served during the dinner of their departure was a thin, local pie filled with a liquid cheese called focaccia al formaggio πŸ™‚

At the end of the XIX century, Recco had 5 bakeries that prepared focaccia al formaggio. Then at the beginning of the XX century, the first osterie and trattorie (more about the types of the Italians restaurant here) started serving that delicious dish.

However, the pie became famous at the beginning of the 50’s when the first tourists started visiting Recco. They all fell in love with it and in this way, the fame of focaccia al formaggio was begun.

In 2012 the IGP indication (Protected Geographical Indication) was given to focaccia al formaggio. And in 2013 the dish was recognized also by European Union as a regional, typical, protected dish. It means that the real focaccia al formaggio can be prepared only in Recco, Camogli, Sori and Avegno (all small villages located close to Recco).


Ingredients and preparation are not very complicated … however, remake the same flavour and consistency of the original focaccia al formaggio is extremely difficult. The most complicated part is doughs preparation.

Ingredients (diameter about 60cm, for about 10 persons)

500 g flour

50 g Italian olive oil



1 kg fresh, Ligurian cheese (stracchino or crescenza)

At first, you have to prepare the dough. You need mix together flour, water, salt and olive oil. When the dough is smooth, you put aside it for about 30 minutes. After that, you divide the dough into two parts. Then take the first part and flat it. It has to be very thin. After that put it on a baking tray and add small pieces of stracchino or crescenza. Then you have to cover everything with the second part of the dough that you have flatted before. You put together both parts of the dough and put everything in an oven. The oven has to be preheated to 270 /320Β° C. Focaccia al formaggio has to be cooked about 4/8 minutes. It is ready when its colour becomes gold. And that’s all. Your focaccia al formaggio is ready! πŸ™‚

Where to eat focaccia al formaggio?

Of course in Recco πŸ™‚ Wherever you go, it will be delicious. However, below I list you my 2 favourite restaurants of Recco that prepare fantastic focaccia al formaggio.

  • Ristorante Manuelina via Roma 296, Recco (more here) – it is located in a hinterland of Recco and it is one of the historic focaccieria of Recco πŸ™‚
  • Pizzeria del Ponte via Marconi 11, Recco (more here) – it is located in the town centre of Recco. Lastly, it became one of the most popular places where to eat focaccia al formaggio (booking is recommended)

The feast of focaccia al formaggio

Every year, in Recco, during the last weekend of May the feast of focaccia al formaggio is organized. In these days everybody eats as much focaccia al formaggio as it is possible. This year the feast will be organized on May 27th. Focaccia al formaggio is served from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. It is a fantastic way to try this delicious, Ligurian dish…. however you have to be prepared for crowds …

Of course, I strongly recommend you to go to Recco and try this amazing speciality! You will love it!

Buon Appetito!


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6 Replies to “Focaccia al formaggio, the dish you must try in Liguria :)”

  1. grazie mille!
    your blogs are always so informative and your photos aiways beautiful!
    We stayed in Camogli in February and, being so close to Recco, the foccacia was sensational!
    May i recommend “Semmu Friti” 200m back from the seafront in camogli, a “tavola calda” serving a list of the freshest seafood of the day to take away, cooked to order for 8-9 euro per portion! you can also sit inside if you wish at a long wooden table! perfetto!
    Bernard, Manchester UK

    1. That's Liguria! says: Reply

      Hi Bernard! I’m glad that your stay was pleasant and you liked also focaccia al formaggio πŸ™‚ Thank you for your tip! It is one of the best places where to eat in Camogli πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  2. Focaccia al formaggio is the dish I absolutely love! Wanted to try and make it back at home in the UK but so far haven’t managed to get this Italian cheese. It’s a must on our menu when we are on holidays in Santa Margherita Ligure. It’s served there in the shape of small dumplings.

    1. That's Liguria! says: Reply

      Hi Iwona! I’m glad you like focaccia! And I hope that soon we all will be able to eat it again in a restaurant in Liguria! Cheers!

  3. Oh my thank you soooooo much!! My friend and I stayed in Camogli during oct 2021 and we absolutely *loved* the focaccia al formaggio there. We ate at Focacceria Panificio In Scio Canto that has a great mural of seagulls declaring they love focaccia more than fish! We seriously loved all their focaccia, but we fell in love with the focaccia al formaggio. I’m going to try making this recipe, when I’m brave enough.

    1. That's Liguria! says: Reply

      Wow! Thank you for your comment! I’m so glad that you like Camogli and focaccia!!! I really hope your focaccia was great and tasted magnificent!

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