The new motoway bridge in Genoa

Ponte MorandiLigurian motorwaysActual situationThe New BridgeOpening date? Ponte Morandi As you probably know, on August 14th 2018 a real catastrophe happened in Genoa. A part of a motorway bridge, called Ponte Morandi, suddenly collapsed causing the death of 43 persons. The trial against persons who were responsible for the bridge is still opened. Ligurian motorways […]

Triora, the Salem of Italy!

Far away from everything, through Ligurian forests and mountains, you can visit this extraordinary hamlet! It is located in West Liguria, in its hinterland and it is one of the most fascinating places off the beaten path you can visit in Liguria! How to reach Triora?HistoryWitch TrialsThings to see & doMuseum of Etnografie and witchcraftCabotinaCuriosities […]