How about MTB in Liguria? Bingo!

Did you know that Liguria, especially its western part, is a real mountain biking mecca?!? Kilometers of trails marked out for them, rallies, and guided tours, all at various levels of difficulty. In a word, anyone who loves riding on MTB will have something to do here!

Finale Ligure

We are in Finale Ligure (which I wrote about here), a beautiful town in West Liguria. Mountain bikers know it very well because it has always been on the list of the five most popular places in the WORLD (!) where to practice mountain biking.

An alternative to sunbathing

Liguria is famous for its beaches and its sea … but that’s not all! In reality, this region is mainly mountains (the highest peak in Liguria, Monte Saccarello, is 2201 meters above sea level), trails, and completely non-touristy, authentic towns inland. Around Finale Ligure there are over 220 (!) trails exclusively reserved for mountain bikes. And this is not the end, more are still being marked. Additionally, they are not only reserved for expert bikers but also for beginners! So everyone can try their hand at it and who knows… catch the bug and start their adventure with mountain biking.

How to start?

I’m completely new to the subject and I wouldn’t dare to go on such expeditions myself … and here come local experts who will take care of everyone (beginners and not only) in this topic! They take care of literally everything. From organizing a bike suitable for your needs (if you don’t have your own), preparing a route suitable for your level of preparation, as well as handling the entire trip from a logistical point of view. There is even an option that if you don’t want to, you don’t have to ride your bike up the hill, because a shuttle will take you and you can just ride down 😀

Where to look for local specialists?

Michele, Andrea, and Manuela have their website Finale Ligure MTB Local Guide. There you will find all the information you may be interested in regarding their activities. You can communicate with them in English, German, French, and Italian 🙂 Professional, friendly, and, above all, they know the slopes like the back of their hand. The most popular trails they propose are the route of the abandoned NATO base and the famous trails downhill around Finale Ligure, Pietra Ligure, Alassio, and Albenga. However, they are not limited only to West Liguria, they know the WHOLE region! If you are interested in the routes around Rapallo, Sestri Levante, or Genoa, they are at your disposal 🙂

So there is nothing left to say other than to wish you successful pedaling along the trails of Liguria! Who knows, maybe I’ll meet you on the route 😉

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