Let me introduce myself :)

Well … I know that the blog has already existed for 3 years … but in all that time I never introduced myself 🙂 That’s why I decided that this is the right moment 🙂

My name is Agata and actually, this is one of the few things you know about me 🙂 I’m a Pole and I was born in a small town in northern Poland. In that period the zone where I was born was one of the poorest regions of Poland with one of the highest unemployment in the whole country. However, it wasn’t so bad – that zone had many, endless fields, pure nature and the Baltic Sea nearby 😉 So you can imagine me as a kid that was spending the whole day on the open-air … continually with scraped knees climbing the trees all day long 🙂

I was living there to the end of my college. After my diploma I decided to go to university and I moved to Poznan – very nice city that I recommend you to visit 😉 And I started studying the LAW (!!!) Now that decision makes me smile, cause I know that be a lawyer is not my cup of tea 🙂 But anyway, I finished it and I graduated in the CRIMINAL LAW 😉

However, after my graduation, I realised that I really don’t want to work as a lawyer. And at the same time, I fell in love in Italy and I started learning Italian. But it wasn’t enough for me so I decided to take a gap year in Italy. A year to understand what I wanna do in my life, where I wanna live and especially a year for VISITING ITALY and LEARNING ITALIAN!

My Italian adventure started in Hard Rock Cafe in Venice! It was 2008 and that American chain was searching for young people for the new opening. And I got that job 🙂 I was working as a waitress and it was a really great time! I met hundreds of interesting people from all over the world, I received the highest tips in my life (I love American customers!) and at my free time, I was visiting Venice and northern Italy!

During one of my Italian trips I went to Genoa … and there I met GIACOMO 😉 Since that moment all my earliest programs and ideas for my life has collapsed 🙂 I resigned from my job at Hard Rock Cafe and I moved in Liguria 😉 Of course, I didn’t come back in Poland 🙂 After some time we decided to married 😉 During all that period I tried to do anything 😉 I was working as a waitress, as a shop assistant, as a clerk, as a translator, as a baby sitter … a crazy time 🙂 But I felt that it wasn’t the thing I wanted to do in my life.

Since one day when I heard 2 tourists talking. They were really confused and they didn’t know what to visit and where to go in Liguria (apart from Cinque Terre of course). After that, I started searching all the information about Liguria that was possible to find online … and I realized that they weren’t much at all … At that moment I’ve got AN IDEA! I CAN BE THE ONE WHO WILL GIVE ALL THE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS REGION! And I decided to create my blog 😉 It was hard work … especially at the beginning, cause I had no idea how to create a web site 😉 But I did it and I’m really proud of what I’ve done 😉 But it still wasn’t enough 😉 I wanted to explained and show it better! So I’ve got a licence of a tour leader. Thanks to the licence I can accompany tourists and give all the information they need about this region! And I love this job, definitely 🙂

What else I love?

Travelling and visiting new places! Not only in Italy 😉

Italian food 🙂 After 10 years in Italy I’m used to this fantastic, delicious specialities… and I’m quite sure I won’t be able to move from here and live without them anymore … Italian Food Rules 😉

Italians! (one of them in a particular way) But I love them as a nation, as a mix of different regions and different characters … They are so cheerful, so strong and so proud … I really admire them, their history and their present. And I hate stereotypes about Italians and I become furious when I hear foreign people stereotyping them!

Strolling through flea markets and open-air markets … very relaxing activity.

Watching the sea (non-necessary during summer season) … it gives me an enormous sense of peace.

And well … I love many more things … but I believe that it can be enough for the first time 🙂 So yes, this is me 😉 And now I hope to meet you all one day and that you’ll describe me your stories 😉 Maybe during a Ligurian tour together! 😉

Cheers and take care!


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