Liguria by plane, know-how :)

Many of you arrive in or depart from Liguria by plane. The most important airport here is definitely the airport of Genoa. Its full name is Aeroporto Cristoforo Colombo and it is located in the western part of the city. This summer I used it many times and that’s why I decided to share with you my experience and what I saw there.

How to get from/to the airport?

The airport address is: via Pionieri e Aviatori d’Italia 1 and you can reach it by:

by car

if you arrive from West Liguria it is very easy – you use A10 motorway and you exit by motorway exit Genova Aeroporto. However, if you arrive from East Liguria, the way is a little bit more complicated … after Ponte Morandi collapse, the motorway to the Genoa’s airport is interrupted. That’s why now when you arrive/go to East Liguria, you have to use SS1 Aurelia (4 lines road), arrive in Genoa and take the motorway at Genoa Ovest to continue your journey.


by bus

– Vola Bus – it is a line that connects 2 principal railway stations of Genoa (Genova Brignole and Genova Principe) with the airport. The buses works from about 6.00 am to 00.00 am and you will find one bus an hour and the trip lasts about 40/50 minutes. A ticket costs 6€/per person and you buy it on board. More info here.

– Fly Bus – it is a line that connects the airport with the nearest train station Genova Sestri Ponente/ Aeroporto. The trip takes about 5 minutes and the ticket costs 1,50€/per person. The buses work from 6.00am to 10.00pm. From Genova Sestri Ponente Station you can reach all west and east Ligurian destinations. More info here.

*my opinion – if you don’t have too many luggage and the weather is nice – I suggest you going to Genova Sestri Ponente railway station on foot – it is about 15 minutes walk and you don’t have to wait for the bus*

– Tigullio Airport Shuttle – it is a line that connects Genoa’s Airport with touristic towns of east Liguria (Portofino, Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure, Chiavari, Lavagna, Sestri Levante). It works from 01.07 to 29.09. Tickets on board cost 20€; on-line 18€. They go from 4.40 am to 10.10 pm. More info here.

by train

As I’ve mentioned above, it is possible to arrive at Genoa’s airport by train. You get off at Genova Sestri Ponente/Aeroporto station and then you can or take a Fly Bus or walk on the airport (about 15 minutes walk). More info here.


From Genoa, you can reach different, European destinations. Now there are 38 airports in Europe that have a direct connection with Genoa. Some of those connections, however, are only seasonal. So during the winter, you will find fewer flyes than during the summer. More about Genoas connections here.

Car hiring

On the airport, you will find the majority of the companies that rent the cars. There are nine national car hire companies, all within walking distance to the terminal. More info here.

Hope this post will be helpful! And what else I can add? Come here all of you!!! By plane … by car by ship or however you prefer! We Are waiting for you here 😉


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  1. If you buy a Volabus ticket online, then you have to enter a time for a bus, but what if the plane is late ? Will i have to purchase a new ticket then ? Or is it valid for a couple of hours ?

    Thanks for the great info on this site, very helpfull !

    Grazie, Peter

  2. Peter Jongeneel says: Reply

    I just asked about the volabus, but i think i forgot my email :))

    1. That's Liguria! says: Reply

      Hi Peter! The volabus tickets are valid for a ride that you booked. It means that you book a ticket for an exact ride… so if your plane is late the only thing is to arrive in large advance or to buy another ticket…Many cheers! Agata

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