MOG, a fine place to eat in Genoa!

MOG is an acronym of Mercato Orientale Genova that means Eastern Market of Genoa. It is a new place where you can try typical, Ligurian cuisine! Let’s know it a little bit better!

The market & its history

The market was created to congregate in one place the all small open-air-markets that were scattered in the city. It was inaugurated on 7 May 1899 and its name comes from the position that it has compared to the city centre (to the east). It occupies the area of ​​the ex cloister of the convent of the Augustinians annexed to the church of the Consolation.

It was the first building built in Genoa in reinforced concrete. The market has five entrances, two from Via XX Settembre, two from Via Galata and one from Via Colombo. Initially, it was the open air market but after some time it was covered by skylights. The interior decorations are in white marble, while the original stone floor is now partially covered by cement.

Now the market is composed of 102 counters where you can find everything. Fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, spices, flowers, etc … if you need to buy something to eat, Mercato Orientale is the best place where to find a great variety of products!


In December 2017 a project was presented for the restoration and enhancement of the building’s mezzanine floor. The project included the opening of a food market with bars, workstations for tasting typical products, a cooking school and a space for cultural meetings. After several postponements, the new structure within the market was inaugurated on 7 May 2019 (exactly 120 years after the opening of Mercato Orientale).

Now you can find there 11 tasting corners where you can try meat, fish, pasta, gourmet sandwiches, wine, tacos, pizza, focaccia and of course the Ligurian cuisine! On the first floor instead, you can find a restaurant where typical, Ligurian dishes are served.

Practice info

Address: Via XX Settembre 75

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 10.00am-00.00am

More info here.


Finally Genoa has a place where to relax and try some typical, Ligurian plates! Absolutely to try!


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