Parking places traps!


In Liguria (as well as in whole Italy) choose the right parking place and don’t take a fine is quite complicated. You can find the white parking places, the white with „disco orario”, the yellow for residents, the yellow loading bay, pink for pregnant or blue parking places … let’s order all this confusion!

WHITE PARKING PLACESour favourite type 😉 They are free of charge. They have no time limits. You can park your car and forget about it during whole holiday. The only thing you have to pay attention is possible street wash day! In some streets once a week you have to move your car to allow a street clean. If you don’t do this you will take a fine!

WHITE PARKING PLACES WITH „DISCO ORARIO” – to park there you have to have „DISCO ORARIO” … of course 😉 It is a kind of paper watch that shows the time that you arrived at the parking place. This paper watch allows you to park free of charge on this parking place. The time is limited and it is indicated on the parking sign. „Disco orario” works from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday. So even if you don’t have it, you can park your car there anyway. But remember only from 8.00 pm to 8:00 am and whole day on Sunday. However, if you like to buy it, you can do it in Tabaccheria shop. It costs about 1-2 €.

YELLOW PARKING PLACES „RESIDENTI” – don’t even try to park there !!! Your car will be removed! They are reserved only for the residents of the quarter.

YELLOW LOADING BAYS – they are reserved for commercial vehicles. However after 7 pm, on Sundays and bank holidays they „become” normal white parking places. So you can park there.

PINK PARKING PLACES – if you are pregnant you can use it. They are free of charge. They are also very difficult to find … they are not very numerous …


BLUE PARKING PLACES – the easiest ones 😉 You have to pay if you want to park there 😉 They have their parking meters. The prices and the hours when you have to pay are different. They depend on the season, town and the tourist’s attractions in nearby. In any case, is better to pay because they give you a fine surely. In the most of the Ligurian towns on Sunday they are free of charge … but remember: always check it before you leave your car!

I hope that now will be easier for you to choose the right parking place and avoid the unpleasant parking surprises… 😉

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