Post-COVID19 beaches in Liguria, know how!

The season for sunbathing has begun. After a decidedly complicated spring, this is definitely good news. But now how does the situation looks like?

Post-COVID 19 situation

The situation related to coronavirus is currently under control. Not only in Liguria, but generally throughout Italy. In the most important hospital in Genoa, the COVID ward was closed and the last person positive for the presence of the virus who was in the intensive care unit was discharged from it. In general, life is returning to relative normality. All activities are opened, maintaining the principles of hygiene and a safe distance between people in public places, of course.

And now, every region of Italy, even every municipality in Italy has decided to apply its own, virus protection rules. Therefore, some municipalities still require wearing masks in the open air, others not (but everywhere you have to have a mask in closed places). However, tourists coming to Italy are often primarily interested in beaches … here’s how the whole situation looks like:

Private beaches

Basically, nothing has changed and who uses them does not have to worry about new restrictions. The thing that has been introduced/changed is the increase in the distance between deckchairs. Actually, this is very good news, because in this way you are not squeezed with other sunbathers. And there are no plastic screens or glass domes … in a word, a comfortable situation πŸ™‚

Public beaches

Here, in turn, the authorities of some Italian municipalities let their imagination run wild. Because the main problem on public beaches is to guarantee a safe distance between sunbathers, and in Italy, it is often quite difficult. Therefore, some municipalities have decided to introduce restrictions that are to guarantee safe sunbathing for people using public beaches. And so, there are municipalities that have introduced mandatory online registration on specially prepared websites, other introduced obligatory, prior confirmation by e-mail, others introduced the maximum number of people who can stay on the public beaches.

However, after the first weeks of these new rules, more and more municipalities/regions are leaving them, limiting themselves to general recommendations for sunbathers, i.e. to keep at least 1 m distance between blankets.

Public beaches in Liguria

I’m honest, there’s total chaos … each municipality uses its own system to access public beaches and, moreover, each of them gives themselves the opportunity to change them in the future. A large part of the Ligurian municipalities introduced only minimal restrictions, i.e. large boards that are placed before entering the beaches, that reminding of the obligation to keep a safe distance. And that’s all. FOR NOW, such limited requirements exist in the following municipalities: Albenga, Bogliasco, Bonassola, Bordighera, Celle Ligure, Cervo, Chiavari, Lavagna, Levanto, Moneglia, Pietra Ligure, Santa Margherita Ligure, San Lorenzo al Mare, Sanremo, Rapallo, Riva Ligure, Ventimiglia.

At the same time, FOR NOW, the following municipalities have introduced the obligation of online booking of your access to the public beach or introduced guarded public beaches that are guarded by the people who guarantee a closed number of people on the beach – in a word, when the maximum number is reached, these people will not let you enter the beach: Albissola, Alassio, Arenzano, Arma di Taggia, Bergeggi, Camogli, Cinque Terre, Diano Marina, Genova, Imperia, Lerici, Noli, Recco, Sestry Levante, Sori, Spotorno, Varigotti, Varazze.

However, due to the VERY dynamic situation and constantly changing rules, I advise you to check before arrival what rules have been introduced by the municipality in which you will spend your holiday (ask at your hotel or the owner of your accommodation) so that you won’t have any surprises on the beach πŸ™‚


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