Punta Chiappa, the place that enchanted Lord Byron :)

It is one of my favourites places in whole Liguria! Punta Chiappa is a tip of the western part of the peninsula of Portofino. The crystal clear water, beautiful views and fantastic places where to eat and swim make this place a kind of earthly paradise 🙂

How to get to Punta Chiappa?

  • by car – it is the most comfortable way of getting there. You have to reach a locality called San Rocco that is located above Camogli. If you drive in the motorway A12, you have to exit in Recco and then follow the road signs to Camogli. Then when you reach Camogli, you follow the signs to San Rocco going by SS1 Aurelia. Before the hamlet of San Rocco, you will find a big parking place (on payment 1,5€/h) and many free parking places along the way to San Rocco. Then, from San Rocco starts a trail that leads to Punta Chiappa. Below I describe the trail.
  • by ferry – if you want to avoid the trail that leads to Punta Chiappa you can take a ferry from Camogli, Recco and Portofino (more info here).
  • by train – you get off at Camogli railway station and then you can take a trail to San Rocco. The trail starts in via San Bartolomeo, next to Carabinieri office. To reach San Rocco you will have to climb for about 30 minutes.


In Italian, the significance of the name Punta Chiappa is quite funny because “chiappa” means butt 😉 So in Italian, the name can be translated very tip of butt 🙂 However, the origins of the name don’t have nothing in common with the buttocks. The right significance comes from the Ligurian dialect. In this language, chiappa means large, long rock.  And in fact, Punta Chiappa is a large and long rock 😉

San Rocco

The first place that you see when you are going to visit Punta Chiappa is a small hamlet of San Rocco. It has about 200 inhabitants and it is located about 200 meters above sea level. From here you can admire the fantastic view on Ligurian coast and the Ligurian Sea. Its principal monument is the church of San Rocco. And one of the most important feasts of San Rocco is Sagra della Capponadda, a local dish that I’ve described here.

Next to the church of San Rocco, you will find the entrance to the trail that leads to Punta Chiappa. The trail is not difficult. You need about 1h to reach Punta Chiappa from San Rocco. The way to Punta Chiappa is much easier, cause you are hiking down to the sea. It means that the way back is a little bit harder … cause you have to only climb up.

The trail leads through olive groves. At the halfway, you can visit also a small, charming church. It is called San Nicolò di Capodimonte.

San Nicolò di Capodimonte church

It is a Romanesque church that was built in the XII century. Then in the XV century, the church was abandoned because of the violent pirate’s attacks. During the next centuries, it was used for different purposes. It became the church again at the end of the XIX century. The church is very bare, built with slate and black rocks. Inside you can admire original, Medieval frescos.

Then you continue the way down. The sea is closer and closer 🙂 After about 15/20 minutes you reach the first “beach” where you can take a bath. However, I recommend you to continue and arrive at the very tip of the peninsula. In the end, you have to climb a little bit but after 5 minutes you arrive at “chiappa” 😉 When you reach it, the only thing you have do is to find a perfect place for your blanket and here we are! The water is always crystal clean here and the view is amazing! Absolutaletely a fantastic place to stay 🙂

Lord Byron

That world-famous writer came to Liguria in 1822. During his tour, he stayed in Lerici, Portovenere and Genova. Before heading to Genova, he stayed some time in Punta Chiappa. He was so amazed by the beauty of this place that he wrote some of his poems here.


Along the trail, you will see different places where you can stop and eat some fresh, local fish. Below I list them for you:

Dai Muagetti – it is a bar with a view. It is located at the very beginning of the trail to Punta Chiappa, just after the San Rocco church. The best characteristic of this bar is its fantastic view. From here you can admire the whole, western Ligurian coast. The best moments to stay there is definitely an afternoon and early evening. Especially during the sunsets! I believe that sunsets in that place are the best in whole Liguria! Booking is necessary. More info here.

Il Mulino Da Drin – it is the first restaurant that you see when you come from San Rocco. It has a wonderful view of the sea and the Ligurian coast. The offers traditional, Ligurian dishes. The prices are quite high.

Dö Spadin – a restaurant before the last climb to Punta Chiappa. Its location is very spectacular! It is situated exactly above the sea. Very romantic and beautiful. It serves especially fish dishes. Expensive.

Castel Dragone – this restaurant is located after the last climb to Punta Chiappa. It is hidden a little bit in the olive groves. They offer the fish dishes. Their particularity is that they fish them on their own so you can be sure that what you eat there is always fresh and local. Prices reasonable. More info here.

Stella Maris – it is a hotel that is located above Punta Chiappa. In the past, it was a place where Lord Byron stayed when writing his poems. In fact, it is possible to book Byron’s table and eat with a breathtaking view. The hotel and restaurant are expensive. More info here.

Where to sleep in Punta Chiappa?

House in Punta Chiappa

I think it is a fairytale place. This holiday house is one of the most magical and the most beautiful I have ever seen 🙂 This is a perfect place to relax and rest from the crowds and noisy tourists. The house has a spectacular view of the Ligurian Sea has its own garden and barbeque and it is furnished in a wonderful way! The only disadvantage, to arrive here you have to climb a little bit … cause the house is located next to the trail that leads to Punta Chiappa … however, thanks to this the place is really amazing! More about House in Punta Chiappa here.

Punta Chiappa is definitely the place to be 🙂



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  1. Cara Agata,

    It’s difficult to imagine so few being tempted by this delightful presentation. This New Yorker and wife will be most gratefully reminded of your great pictures, notes, and guidance on taking your ideas along our route this spring.

    I too love this area (in my life previously stayed in San Marco Castellabate for two summers and a spring week re-visit three years ago, this time with my wife ). My father (and mother’s family was born in Corleone, Sicilia. Mary has Hungarian and Polish roots (small world) as well as Irish. We will stay in Recco for the second week of May, 2019. Grazie tanto!

    All good things from New York,

    1. That's Liguria! says: Reply

      Dear Bernard, thank you for all your compliments! I’m so glad you like my blog! I hope you’ll enjoy your visit in Liguria and I hope you’ll love it! And of course, If you like to have a Ligurian tour with me, I’ll be available 🙂 Cheers, Agata 🙂

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