San Fruttuoso, where Christmas is still magical…


It is almost December and we are already in the period of Christmas Time. That’s why I decided to start with a series of posts dedicated to the Christmas events, traditions and dishes in Liguria. Today I want to start with San Fruttuoso, a magical place located on the tip of Penisula Portofino.


It is a small fishing hamlet located in a small bay on the south of Penisula Portofino. It is reachable only by sea or on foot, following the trails. The most important place of San Fruttuoso is its Abbey. This splendid monument is dating back to the VIII century. The church and the monastery were damaged by the Saracens. They became important when they were rebuilt by the Benedictines in the X century. In the XIII century, the Abbey became a propriety of the powerful Genoese Doria family. Doria decided to rebuild the Abbey and constructed the structure that we can admire nowadays. In the XX century, the Abby became a ruin. Fortunately, in 1983 was restored by Fai (Italian Environment Fund) and now it is open to the visitors.

Christmas’ Eve

Every year, 24th of December in San Fruttuoso is organized a traditional Christmas’ Eve Mass. It starts at 11.00 pm and it is accompanied by a choir. At the end of the celebration, it is possible to visit the Abbey and do a Christmas toast with a hot wine vin brûlé and Pandolce Genovese (a Ligurian, Christmas cake). Before turning back to Camogli, the visitors are also given the small, Christmas gifts 🙂 The atmosphere is very particular. The silence, the darkness … very mysterious and magic. Very special 🙂

How to reach San Fruttuoso

The ferry departs at 10.40 pm, from Camogli harbour. Booking is necessary (tel. +39/0185 772091 ) because the number of seats is limited. Ferry ticket costs 15€/person; children 10€. In a case of bad sea conditions, the event is unfortunately cancelled. More info here.

However, if the weather is good, San Fruttuoso is really worth to be seen!


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