Scalinata Borghese, a bit of South America in Genoa ;)

This is a very brand new “must-see” when you are in Genoa! Even if it is not very new … actually it is quite old and has a very interesting history. It’s called Scalinata Borghese.


Scalinata is located at Piazza Tommaseo, at the beginning of Albaro district, East Genoa, not far away from the historical centre of Genoa. It is a scenic staircase with liberty-style decorations that leads to a panoramic belvedere in the upper part of Via Francesco Pozzo. From there the gaze can sweep over Piazza Tommaseo and districts of Albaro and Foce.


Borghese’s staircase was inaugurated in 1910. It was supposed to host the Academy of Fine Arts, but the funds were not sufficient. In fact, at the beginning it became the seat of the Municipality, then Local Health Authority, after that a gym, later General Practitioner’s practices and at the end became a community centre. After that last activity, it was closed and was abandoned for 15 years. In that period, Scalinata and its surroundings became a zone of drug dealing and drug addicts with hundreds of used syringes on the pavement … Fortunately, that period is finished and now it is a redeveloped, very chic zone.


It was called so to commemorate a Genoese politician, Giorgio Borghese, who in the XVIII century moved with his family to Uruguay where he served as regent and procurator general. In fact, the whole zone is dedicated to the strong connections between the city of Genoa and South America. For instance, in the centre of the square, Piazza Tommaseo you can see the equestrian statue of the Argentinian politician, Manuel Belgrano. And even the street that leads to the Scalinata, underlines that connection, cause it is named Corso Buenos Aires.

Genoa – South America

You could ask, why all those connections between those two places? Well, in the XIX century and at the beginning of the XX century, Liguria was really very poor region. That’s why thousands of Ligurians have left the region and they move to South America. In fact, many of them arrived in Argentina, Brasil and Uruguay where many of them made fortune. Then, when they had become rich they became famous not only in South America but also in Liguria … exactly as Giorgio Borghese, who became a reason of proudness of Genoa.


After the years of abandon, finally in 2018 was decided to redevelop the building and make the whole zone more attractive for inhabitants and tourists. And now it happened, in January 2020 was opened bar/restaurant at Scalinata Borghese. It is so new, that even the panoramic terrace on the top of the restaurant is not ready yet. However, its bar and restaurant are open and you can try some of their fabulous drinks! However, be prepared to spend a bit and stay a bit in line before entering … as in New York City πŸ˜‰ Cause the place became very popular immediately πŸ™‚ But it’s definitely worth!


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