Scotezzo – the traditional Easter game from Liguria ;)

In Liguria there is no particular way to celebrate Easter time. Some Ligurians go to church and the majority meet relatives at Easter lunch at home or in a restaurant. Then, the second day of Easter many people go on a trip in the countryside or in the seaside. And that’s all. … However, exists a little, Ligurian hamlet that preserves a special, Easter time tradition … scotezzo.

We are in Badalucco, in western Liguria, very close to the French border. I want to add that the hamlet is very adorable and worth to be seen also on other occasions.


In this hamlet, every Easter Sunday, at the main, town square, is organized a “challenge” of scotezzo.

What is scotezzo?

It is a kind of a traditional game. Nobody knows nor who neither when it was invented. The only thing that is sure, that the inhabitants of Badalucco play scotezzo for ages. To play it you need to be at least two persons and you have to have at least two eggs. The award you can win are … eggs 😉


Every participant buys the eggs. Then the game is played in pairs. The challenge consists in bumping the two eggs against each other. One of the participants holds the egg and another one bumps it. Also, the bumping position is specified. One holds the egg in his/her hand and another one is placed under. The participant whose egg is above bumps the one that is under. Loses whose egg cracks first and the winner takes (wins) the opponents egg.


In the past, scotezzo was an important opportunity for the families to win and make provisions of food. They saved the eggs they had won and then they used them for eating for following days. Nowadays it is an amusement and a traditional, Easter Sunday appointment of the inhabitants of Badalucco.


  • It seems that Badalucco is the only place in Italy where the inhabitants feast Easter in this way.
  • The proceeds from the sale of the eggs are donated to charity.


Here below a short, very, very nice movie about Scotezzo (with English subtitles). I really suggest you see it! Thanks to it you can see how scotezzo looks like and realize what means the real, authentic, Ligurian tradition 🙂

Buona Pasqua!

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      Thank you! It is my pleasure 🙂

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