Sori, the Picasso’s hometown!

Yes my dear readers, but let’s start from the very beginning! 😉

Sori is a charming, tiny fishing village in eastern Liguria. Pretty close to Genoa. The hamlet has a rich history and quite a large beach, in a word, a good spot for summer holidays 😉

How to reach Sori?

  • by car – if you are travelling along the road SS1 Aurelia, it will be very easy to get there, because this route leads through the centre of the town. In addition, Aurelia is very panoramic here and leads among the breathtaking views. In turn, using the A12 motorway, you will have to exit it or at Recco (if you arrive from the east) and after the exit follow the signs for Sori – you will reach the town after about 10 minutes. If you are coming from the west you can leave the motorway in Genova Nervi and here also follow the signs for Sori … the road will take about 20 minutes. More info here.
  • by train – Sori is not an important train station, but many trains stop here (about 1-2 every hour). The station is located about 10 minutes on foot from the town center. More info here.
  • by bus – there are buses that connect the Genoa – Sori – Recco route. Buses run the already mentioned SS1 Aurelia road and stop quite often in Sori. To get here by bus, choose lines 75 and 76. The tickets price, depending on how long it will take your trip: € 1.80 for 75 min; € 3 to 120 min. More info here.
  • on footabsolutely RECOMMEND! 🙂 Especially if you are starting from Recco, you walk along SS1 Aurelia (there is a sidewalk on this part of the road), the distance is about 3.5 km (about 2.3 mi) so in 45 minutes you will do it, and from the road, you will be able to admire the breathtaking views!


The origins of Sori aren’t really known … some historians claim that the town was founded by the ancient Greeks (!) in the 7th century BC. Then the ancient Romans came here, then the princes of Milan, and finally, as the entire territory of Liguria, Sori was incorporated into the Republic of Genoa. In the 16th century, like the entire Ligurian coast, Sori became the target of Saracen pirate attacks, and in 1548 the hamlet was completely destroyed, plundered and 134 people were kidnapped by pirates. After the fall of the Republic of Genoa, there was a period of Napoleonic domination, and after its fall Sori was incorporated into the Kingdom of Sardinia and then in 1861 into united Italy.

Things to see & do

Sori has just over 4,000 inhabitants and you can get around it easily and quickly. In fact, the most important tourist attractions here include the main church, sanctuary and Picasso’s house.


Chiesa di Santa Margherita

The first church in this place was built in the 12th century, but it was rebuilt in the 17th century. Currently, the facade and the interiors of the church are in the Baroque style. In turn, the belfry is considered one of the most beautiful baroque belfries in Liguria.

Santuario di Nostra Signora delle Grazie

It dates from the early 16th century and its facade is in the Renaissance style. Inside there is a painting of the Black Madonna with the Child, bought in the 15th century by the local sea trader Girolamo Stagno.

Picasso’s house

And now the biggest attraction! As you probably know that Picasso comes from Malaga, Spain. And that’s true 🙂 Well, from Sori came the great-grandfather of the famous painter, Tommaso Picasso. This fact was discovered by accident when examining the genealogical tree of Pablo Picasso. In the archives of the Church of Santa Margherita, a baptism certificate from 1787 was found, which confirmed that Tomasso Picasso, the great grandfather, was baptized there. Tommaso was a sailor and later moved to Malaga. There he married Maria Luisa Guardeno. They had a son named Francisco. When he became an adult he married Ines Lopez Robles, with whom he had 5 children, among them a daughter named Maria, the future mother of Pablo Picasso (yes, yes, Pablo used his mother’s surname).

And coming back to Sori 🙂 In the oldest part of the town there is a street named via San Erasmo and at number 25 you will see a commemorative plaque commemorating the fact that in this house lived the ancestor of the famous Spanish painter … in fact, now we can say that Pablo Picasso was also a bit Ligurian 😉

SS1 Aurelia Sori – Recco

As I’ve mentioned before, Aurelia is a national road that leads along the entire Ligurian coast (it actually leads from Rome to the border with France … then it is called Route Nationale 7 and leads to Paris … in a word, it is a very important road 🙂

On many sections, Aurelia is unbelievably panoramic and offers breathtaking views. And so it is on the section between Sori and Recco! I recommend it to you on foot (there is a sidewalk), it is only 3.5 km and the views are guaranteed! Plus, there are a few descents on public beaches and stunning views of the surrounding villas … you’ll definitely love it! And after a stroll, you must stop in Recco to try the speciality of this town, focaccia al formaggio. Heaven in the mouth!

Nothing more nothing less! You have another place to see in Liguria! 🙂


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