Spring holidays in Liguria … is it a good idea?

It is a wonderful idea !!! 🙂 Who has a possibility to come here in the springtime, absolutely should do it. The number of advantages is much higher than the number of disadvantages. It is hard to resist and not to come here in this period 😉


  • Apart from Easter and May 1st, the spring in Liguria is very calm. There are very few tourists. It can be extremely important if you are going to visit Cinque Terre that during the high season are overpopulated. In my opinion, spring is the best period to see Cinque Terre. They are calm, beautiful and finally seem to be the fishermen villages!
  •  After the winter break, all ferries companies start cruising. Of course, they cruise when the sea and weather conditions are fine.
  •  After Easter, almost all hotels, bars and shops remain open. It means that you can use them all and it means that they give the same services like in the high season.
  • The prices are much lower than in the summer season. The exception is Easter and May 1st. Apart those holiday days the prices are lower about 30-40% than in the high season.
  • No crowds mean no problem to find a hotel room. It means that you don’t have to prepare your holidays months before. You can organise your arrival even when you find a cheap flight and then decide where to go and where to sleep.
  • Weather … it is not so stable as in the summer. However, last March, the temperature of about 25 C degrees lasted for weeks! And 2 years ago April and May were extremally warm. But the important thing is that the warm weather is very pleasant and not hot, humid like in the summertime. That are the perfect conditions for trekking and visiting.
  • There are a lot of things to do and see in Genoa. Many exhibitions in Palazzo Ducale or Rolli Days. Of course, all museums, shops and restaurants are open (that is not so obvious during the summer season).


  • If you are unlucky and it’s rain … it rains … :/ It happens that the spring weather is changeable. However, after the first half of April, it starts to stabilise and becomes sunny rather than rainy.
  • If you love trekking you have to check before if the trails where you want to go are open or not. Very often after the winter season, the trails remain closed because of the winter damages. For instance, Sentiero Azzurro is closed at the beginning of spring because of the safety reasons. Normally it is reopened at the beginning of May. More info here.

Enjoy 😉


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