Talking stones – sanitary stones!

This “talking stone” was very particular and very practical. As I’ve written before, it is easy to miss it and pass through without noticing it … but we do 🙂

In different places of Genoa, it is possible to notice strange, protruding marble plinths. One you can see in a corner of Palazzo Interiano Pallavicino, not far from the Piazza Fontane Marose, in the historical center of Genoa. Another one is located next to San Siro church, via San Siro.

Its function is anything but aesthetic: it served to prevent this corner from being used as a urinal. “Filling”, so to speak, the corners of the buildings in the alleys with stones, grates, or precious marbles as in this case, was, therefore, a method of preserving the environment from the stench and diseases, in an era in which it was not difficult seeing people in the inns who used the internal walls of the inns for their urgent needs, as the images in the paintings and prints testify to us.

I’ll add some other pictures of sanitary stones! But I have to find them! 🙂

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