The 10 most beautiful hamlets in Liguria!

The small, charming hamlets are probably the most characteristic places of Liguria. They are also one of the principal reasons why tourists visit this region. That’s why I decided to make my own, subjective list of the most beautiful hamlets in Liguria ๐Ÿ˜‰


It is a tiny town in western Liguria. It is not very popular with tourists and it is not so crowded but it doesn’t mean it is not beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ What is more, fewer tourists is its advantage! It is listed on the list of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy. It is very beautiful with its narrow streets that offer so romantic views. Laigueglia is located in the front of the sea. You can reach its large, sandy beach directly from the old town. Moreover, it is worth to come to Laigueglia at the beginning of August. In that period the sea of Laigueglia becomes a stage of a fantastic stage version. More than 200 actors dress up as pirates and medieval inhabitants of the town and they stage a heroic defence of Laigueglia. It is the very impressing event. More about Laigueglia here.


It is a fisherman hamlet, that was built on a rocky coast. Tellaro is located in eastern Liguria … very close to Tuscany. The hamlet is very similar to the famous villages of Cinque Terre. However, it is almost undiscovered with tourists, so it is not so crowded. It is still very authentic and calm Ligurian fisherman hamlet. In Tellaro you won’t find any beach, however, in its nearby are located the most beautiful sandy beaches of Liguria! For sure it is worth to see it! More about Tellaro here.


A fisherman hamlet situated on a hill in western Liguria. The most characteristic building of Cervo is its church that stands out in the whole hamlet. The church was founded by coral hunters that were populating these areas. From the square in front of the church, you can admire a breathtaking view of the western coast of Liguria. You should surely stop in one of the local restaurants and try some delicious, local dishes. And then absolutely you should come down to the beach and from there admire Cervo in all its glory. More about Cervo here.


Vernazza is a one of the famous Cinque Terre. Even if all five are crowded all year long and somebody says that it is not worth to see them I still believe, that Cinque Terre is one of the most magical and beautiful places in the world! Probably I should include here all five villages of Cinque Terre. However, I believe that Vernazza is the most picturesque and scenic through all five. Especially when you go through trail Sentiero Azzurro and you can admire the peninsula where Vernazza was built … it is really amazing. For sure you should stop also in one of the restaurants with the colourful umbrellas and try a local speciality, a sweet vine Sciacchetrร . More about Vernazza here.


The hamlet is located in western Liguria. Noli is a charming, medieval town that is surrounded by high walls and dominated by a castle that has been built on the top of the nearby hill. When strolling through the narrow, romantic streets of Noli you can stop in one of its restaurants or bars and try the local specialities. Very close to the old town of Noli the public beach is located. It’s called the beach of fishermen. And in fact, you will find many boats parked on it. You can take a sunbath wherever you want but remember that if a fisherman decides to move its boat, you have to allow him to do it and move your stuff from the beach. More about Noli here.


I believe that it is one of the most spectacular places not only in Liguria but also in whole Italy. Portovenere is located in eastern Liguria at the very beginning of the Gulf of Poets. The most characteristic place here is the St. Peter church that is situated on the tip of the entrance to the gulf. You can go on the panoramic terrace of the church where you can admire a fantastic view on the Ligurian and Tuscany coast, and if the weather is nice, even Corsica! The local speciality that you should absolutely try here are mussels … that are delicious! More about Portovenere here.

Sestri Levante

Sestri Levante is called the town of the two seas. It is because of its particular location on a peninsula. When you are on it it seems to be surrounded by two different seas. It is really very particular characteristic. Moreover, the town is famous for its festivals. At the beginning of June, the street artists festival called Andersen Festival is organized. During the summer the Mojotic music festival hosts many international stars. And at the beginning of May, the Riviera International Festival movie festival attracts many international movie stars. Definitely, the place to be! More about Sestri Levante here.


It is a charming hamlet situated in eastern Liguria. Its name means houses of wives (casa=house, mogli=wives). According to the legend, when the wives of the Camogli’s fishermen were waiting anxiously for the happy return of their husbands were looking from the windows searching boats on the horizon. In this way, they gave the name of the town! Camogli has very characteristic, colourful and very high houses. It has also a beautiful promenade and lovely, small harbour. From this harbour, you can get a ferry to Portofino or Cinque Terre.More about Camogli here.


Finalborgo is located in western Liguria. It is a hamlet that is surrounded by very well preserved medieval walls. It is listed on the list of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy. In the past, Finalborgo was an independent Marquisate that was fighting over the 7 centuries with the Republic of Genoa that wanted to conquer it. What is more, during last 20 years Finalborgo became a mountain biking paradise and it is an unofficial capital of this sport in Liguria. More about Finalborgo here.


Probably it is the most famous hamlet in whole Liguria! Its fame started at the beginning of the 50’s of the XX century. It became a favourite holiday place of many Holywood stars such as Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna or Leonardo Di Caprio. However, Portofino is not only the Vip’s place. It offers also many beautiful places that can be admired by “normal” tourists. For sure you should visit Brown Castle or beautiful, local lighthouse. From the square in the front of the lighthouse, you can admire a fantastic view on the eastern Ligurian coast. I believe that Portofino should be visited at least one time in your life! More about Portofino here.

I strongly believe that all these 10 hamlets should be visited while staying in Liguria! What is more, I will probably add another 10 hamlets that I believe should be seen as well. What can I add … enjoy your visits! ๐Ÿ˜€

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