The best romantic getaways in Liguria!

Liguria is a destination of many family holidays. And there are many reasons why it is so. Many beaches and hamlets are perfect for families with children. However, what happens if you are only in two …. or even if you are with your kids and you would like to have a romantic evening in two. That’s why I prepared for you the list of the Ligurian romantic places 😉

7. Alassio

It is a town in western Liguria. It is quite popular with Italian tourists. In the beginning, I didn’t think of Alassio as a romantic place. But then, I thought about its old town with its “budello” – the long, narrow main street. I thought about the muretto di Alassio (a small wall over which numerous, ceramic tiles that are signed by celebrities have been affixed on). I thought about its numerous bars and restaurants (La Vigna restaurant has a stunning view!), about its beach and sea … and yes, Alassio offers so many possibilities to stay well together, that I added it to the list 😉

6. Dolceaqua

This is a hamlet that is located very next to the French border. That’s why it has surely the French influences … and as we all know … French people are the masters of romanticism:) It is a Medieval town located on a top of a small hill. It is also located quite far away from the sea … and thanks to this it is never crowded. You can get lost in the labyrinth of the narrow streets of the old town and eat something in the local restaurants. And when you are there, you should absolutely try the local vine Rossese di Dolceaqua … is delicious and really perfect for a romantic evening 😉

5. Boccadasse

As I’ve written not much time before, it is the most romantic place in Genoa. Its central point: the bar La Strambata and the beach are very crowded and very noisy. However, it is enough to go through the narrow crêuza of Boccadasse and stop in one of its small, pretty restaurants (for instance Punta Chiara restaurant). All of these places have a sea view and serve fish and seafood. What is more, the narrow, colourful streets of this district of Genoa are perfect for a romantic stroll for two … it is really a magnificent place 😉

4. San Fruttuoso

San Fruttuoso is a place that is calmer and the most romantic during the evenings. In that time you can arrive there practically only by ferry. Here, next to the sea are located small, fish restaurants where you can stay for a dinner. During evenings the place is extremely calm and silent … far away from the crowds of tourists. Moreover, the presence of Benedictine monastery intensifies the magic atmosphere of this place. Really worth to visit it … especially in two.


3. Monterosso

As all five Cinque Terre, Monterosso has many hidden, romantic places. However, Monterosso is the biggest one among all five villages and it means that there is easier to find a private and romantic place for two. The top place for a romantic dinner is the restaurant L’Ancora della Tortuga (stunning views). Apart from food matters, I believe that the most romantic place in the whole of Cinque Terre is Cappuccini hill. It is the hill that divided in two the village of Monterosso. On the top of the hill, you can visit a monastery and next to the building, you can find a beautiful, panoramic point. From here you can admire the sea and the Aurora tower … it is always a calm and silent place …. fare away from the crowds of tourists…isolated and romantic. A great tip!

2. Punta Chiappa

It is a name of a tip of the peninsula of Portofino. You can arrive here by a quite easy trail that starts in San Rocco. You can also arrive here by taking a ferry from Camogli. At the end of the trail, you will find 2 fantastic, fish restaurants. They are situated in very, picturesque places. One is exactly above the sea! The views here are stunning and the food is fresh and typical. However, a place that is really out of the box is located at the beginning of the trail, next to San Rocco. Here you can find a very romantic bar (Bar dai Muagetti). All the bar’s tables here have a stunning, sea view. From here you can admire Genoa, Ligurian coast and sometimes you can see even the French Riviera … However, the most romantic thing here are the sunsets!  You can admire them during the aperitivo time and I think that here the sunsets are the most beautiful in whole Liguria 😉 (BOOKING IS RECOMMENDED!)

And the winner is ……. 😉

1. Paraggi

It is a village located between Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino. The two most exclusive hamlets of Liguria. Paraggi is a calm village located above crystal clear, turquoise sea. Here, even ex-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has one of his villas. Apart from a beautiful, romantic village where you can stay when you are in two, I suggest you book a table in one of the most extraordinary restaurants in Liguria. It is named Capo Nord and it is located exactly above the sea level. The restaurant has few tables and offers a stunning view of the sea and Ligurian coast. I believe it is one of the most romantic places in whole Liguria! (BOOKING IS RECOMMENDED!)

I wish you many, romantic days in Liguria …. 🙂


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