The best things to do on a rainy day in Liguria!


The summer hasn’t finished yet officially however with September the weather starts changing. It can be still very hot and sunny but showers and thunderstorms are much more frequent than in July or August. If you are going to visit Liguria in autumn you have to be prepared that the weather can be variable sometimes. That’s why it is good to have a B plan and know what to do when the weather is not perfect!


In Liguria, you can see many, different museums. They are all worth a visit! Probably we should be grateful that bad weather indicates us all these attractions in Ligurian museums. Below I list some museums that should be seen during your visit to Liguria.

1. Galata Museo del Mare – Museum of the Sea. It is a huge museum that describes the relations between Ligurians and the sea during the ages. From the very antic times, through Columbus period, to the immigrants that arrived in America. More about the museum here.

2. Palazzo Ducale – Duke Palace. It was the residence of the Doges of Genoa. Nowadays it is the principal place where all the most interesting exhibitions of Genoa are shown. More about Palazzo Ducale and exhibitions here and here.

3. Museo di Storia Naturale – Museum of Natural History. It was created in 1870 and it includes numerous examples of different species of animals that come from all over the world. More about the museum here.

4. Museo del videogioco – Museum of Videogames. It is the first museum of video games in Italy. If you are interested in the history of video games you should absolutely see it. The museum is located in Gattorna and it is opened on every last Sunday of the month from 2.00pm to 7.00pm. Entrance is free of charge. More about the museum here.

Rolli Palaces

The Rolli Palaces are the richest and the most beautiful noble, Renaissance palaces of Genoa. In the past, there were more than 150 inscribed on Rolli Lists. Nowadays 42 of them are on the UNESCO Heritage List. Many of them are private houses or offices but 7 of them are regular museums that you can visit all year long:

Palazzo Reale

Address: via Balbi 10



Sunday 1.30pm-7.00pm

Entrance: 6€; 3€

More info here.


Palazzo Bianco

Address: via Garibaldi 11





Entrance: 9€; 7€ (ticket includes also the entrances to Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Tursi)

More info here.


Palazzo Rosso

Address: via Garibaldi 18

Tuesday 9.00am-6.00pm



Friday 9.00am-9.00pm

Sunday 9.30am-7.30pm

Entrance: 9€;7€ (ticket includes also the entrances to Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Tursi)

More info here.


Palazzo Tursi

Address: via Garibaldi 9





Entrance: 9€;7€ (ticket includes also the entrances to Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Rosso)

More info here.


Palazzo Podestà

Address: via Garibaldi 7

The palace is open every month on the first Saturday 10.00am-6.00pm


It is also possible to book a visit.

More info here.


Palazzo Grimaldi

Address: Salita San Francesco 4





Entrance: 10€

More info here.


Palazzo Spinola

Address: Piazza di Pellicceria 1




Entrance:6€; 3€

More info here.


It is located in the old harbour area of Genoa. The aquarium has 3,100 m2 and welcomes more than 1,2 million visitors each year! It is the largest aquarium in Italy and the second largest in Europe. It is definitely the biggest attraction of Genoa. More info here.

Cooking classes

Ligurian cuisine is one of the tastiest in the whole of Italy. Pesto, trofie, focaccia, focaccia al formaggio and many more. Trying to prepare them as the locals do can be really a fantastic experience! Here below some companies that organize these events.

Monterosso, Cinque Terre Cooking School. More info here.

Manarola, Casa Cooking Class, more info here.


  • Chef per caso, more info here.
  • ZenaAndCook, more info here.

Thermal baths

If it rains it could be a perfect day for relax! In Liguria, you can find also thermal baths. Probably it is the best way to resolve the problem of a rainy day. More info about the local thermal baths here.

Toirano Caves

It is the most famous cave in Liguria. It is known for its outstanding beauty. It has fantastic examples of stalactites and stalagmites and in the ancient times, it was used as a shelter of the palaeolithic inhabitants of that zone. More info here.


And the last but not least. Medieval porticos in the old parts of some Ligurian towns. They make possible strolling in the town centres, doing shopping and staying dry even if it’s rain. The towns that have porticos are:



La Spezia



Finale Ligure

Of course, I wish you a perfect, sunny weather when you are in Liguria. However, if you find a rainy day I hope that this post can be helpful anyway!


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