What is your favourite italian dish?

Today I prepared for you something different. I asked 4 Poles, that live in Italy, to write this post with me. A theme was very simple: What is your favourite Italian dish? As you probably know the Italian cuisine is very rich and various. Each region has its specific dishes and discovers them is really amazing. An intent of this post is also to show you that Italian people don’t eat only pizza 🙂 Let’s see what eat Polish emigrants in Italy!

Margherita Szwec, lives in Ascoli Piceno, in Marche. She works as a translator and has a fan page on Facebook, that you can check here.



Margherita chose olive ascolane (ascolans olives). They are typical for the region where she lives. For her receipt are used only local, green olives. They are very particular cause they are a little bit bitter than a classic species.

According to the receipt, ascolans olives are pitted, stuffed with meat and fried in boiled oil. For a preparation, Margherita uses 100-600 green olives. For stuffing, she uses a mix of different meats (pork, rabbit and chicken). Then she cooks onion, carrot and celery. When they are cooked she blends them together. She adds salt, pepper, Parmigiano, 3 eggs, oil, butter and mixes them together.

Then she puts the mixed stuffed inside the pitted olives. The next step is to bread the stuffed olives with flour, egg and breadcrumbs. Then, when oil is ready she fries them. After a minute the olives are ready!

She adds that it is also possible to stuff the olives with a fish stuff. For the stuffing, she uses fish like tub gurnard, scorpaena, trisopterus luscus, sole, shrimps, pectin or crabs.

The olives should be served with white, cool vine 😉

Ewa Maria Pacini lives in Prato, in Tuscany. She is a translator and she loves Italy. She describes her passion on her blog  Ewa Maria Pacini.



She loves … PIZZA 4 stagioni 😉 an Italian classic dish.  She said she could eat it every day … even for breakfast! And she doesn’t care what nutritionists say … she loves it. What is more, she adores prepare it by herself. For her preparing a pasta for pizza is very relaxing. She claimed that it was very difficult to fail the receipt and it was always delicious when she prepared it. However, only when she did it and tried it in Italy. In Poland, she tried some pizzas that were really horrible. That’s why everybody should try the pizza 4 stagioni here in Italy 😉

Marzena Guszkowska, lives in Pisogne, in Lombardia. She carries blog La mia Lombardia.



She lives close to Brescia and Bergamo where the specialities are polenta, cow’s tongue or horse meat …. that she really doesn’t love much. However, she discovered CASONCELLI (cadunhei – in the local dialect) that she really adores. They are a kind of stuffed pasta typical for Lombardia. It is easy to try them in local feast call sagra or in local restaurants that serve traditional dishes.

Casoncelli are kind of ravioli. Their receipt depends on a chef … even their stuff and their shape can change. The stuff can be prepared with meat or with vegetables. She said that the best casoncelli were made by a mother of her friend. Unfortunately the mother doesn’t want to tell her the receipt 😉 In any case, she loves to serve casoncelli with butter, sage and Parmigiano cheese. Sometimes she adds even a bacon! ” This dish has probably 200% of cholesterol,” she says “but for me, it is the best thing you can eat”!

Renata Pawłowska, lives in Veneto. She carries blog Kalejdoskop Renaty and a Facebook group Włochy po mojemu.



Renata loves the Italian cuisine, however, her favourite Venetian dish is polenta with mushrooms and sopressa (typical Venetian salami).

Polenta is made of corn flour and once replaced a bread. It was the food of farmers and poor people because it didn’t cost much. Nowadays is a very popular side dish. You can eat it in many different ways. You can eat polenta with meat, cheese, milk or even with seafood. It is not very difficult to prepare but it is quite laborious. What is more, polenta is healthy and light. Renata put a receipt of polenta with mushrooms here (in polish only).

And now … last but not least … me 🙂


It is a vegetarian dish. It is cheap, easy to prepare and healthy. Simply brilliant! A base of the cake is a puff pastry that is made from flour, salt, water and butter. When the puff pastry is ready the Ligurian ladies add different vegetables as a stuff. The vegetables are very often mixed with ricotta cheese, Parmigiano cheese and eggs. Then they put everything together and they cooked the cake in oven for about an hour. When you start smelling a nice smell it means that the salted cake is ready!

The most popular salted cakes that you can find in Liguria are:

Baciocca – cake with potatoes

Torta di zucchine – cake with zucchini

Torta di bietole – cake with spinach

Torta di carciofi – cake with artichoke

Torta di zucca –  cake with pumpkin (my favourite one)

You can find them in the local restaurants or in gastronimia shops. Gastronomia is the shop where ready-meals are sold. The food is always fresh and hand-made here. Very nice tip to try 😉

Well, I hope that after this post you’ve become hungry and you can’t wait to try all these dishes here in Italy 😉

Buon Appetito!

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