Where was Christopher Columbus really born?

That is one of the historical personalities that many countries “own up” to be his homeland. The matter when and where was born the explorer of America lasts for centuries!!! But it seems that finally, we’ve found the answer to this question!


There are many theories about the nationality and the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. The most frequent is that he was born in Genoa. However, in Italy, many other places own up to be his hometown. For instance, Savona, Cogoleto and Terrarossa Colombo in Liguria and Cuccaro Monferatto and Bettola in actual Emilia Romagna claim to be so. And outside Italy, the countries that claim to be his home country are Catalogna and Galicia in Spain, Corsica and Portugal. Some scientist claims that Columbus was born in Castile and he called Colom and others claim that he named Scotto and had Scottish origins!!! And finally, the last theory claims that Columbus was a son of Polish king! According to this theory the king Władysław Warneńczyk wasn’t killed during a battle and after it, he moved to Portugal Madera and there Columbus was born 😉

So, where does Christopher Columbus come from?

The answer to this question gives us Columbus on his own!

In Genoa in Palazzo Ducale is organized an exhibition“Io qui sotto scritto. Testamenti di grandi Italiani”. It is the exhibition where are exposed the originals of the testaments of famous Italians. You can find here the last will of Giuseppe Verdi, Niccolò Paganini, Enzo Ferrari, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Christopher Columbus.

And in the Columbus testament, written in Spanish, Columbus confirms that: “Siendo yo nacido in Genova” that means . “me, who was born in Genoa“.

It means that any doubt is resolved and the polemic is finished! Everything is clear, Christopher Columbus confirmed on his own! He was born in Genoa! However, who knows if with this document the debate is completed 🙂

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