Winter holidays in Liguria … is it a good idea?


January, February and March are the winter months in Liguria. Come here in this period has its pros and cons. I list them below:


  1. In Liguria, you can find many mountains. If the winter is snowy and you like skiing you find here the slopes where pass your winter holidays. For instance in Santo Stefano d’Aveto (elevation 1264 m – 1785 m; 4km of slopes; daily ski pass 25€; more info) and Monesi di Triora ( elevation 1400 m – 2164 m; 9 km of slopes; more info)
  2. If the winter is not snowy you can make the excursions in the Ligurian mountains. The most famous trail here is Alta Via dei Monti Liguri (info). This is a 440 km long trail that leads from west end to east end of Liguria. It runs through the arc formed by the Ligurian Alps and Ligurian Apennines. It is divided into 44 legs, where you can find numerous shelters. The highest peak is Monte Saccarello (2201 m). The views are really amazing.
  3. The winter is also the perfect time to visit museums and exhibitions in Genoa ( info here & here ).
  4. The prices of hotels and in restaurants are much lower than in high season.


  1. The weather is not very stable. However, the sunny days are very often.
  2. In Riviera, almost everything is closed. Hotels, restaurants, shops. It can be a bit difficult to find an accommodation or extra activities to do.
  3. The touristic places become desolate and a little bit sad. But if you are looking for tranquillity and silence you like them anyway (especially Cinque Terre becomes peaceful and quiet 😉


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